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The Trouble With Teddy…

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Hello friends, family, and fellow pups,

Theodore “Teddy” Bach here, writing to you because I have some sad news that must be shared. Yesterday, while walking about the house, albeit aimlessly, I had a seizure. This happened a few more times over the course of the day, so I decided to drive myself, to see the doc. After a few hours at the veterinary hospital they sent me to see a specialist.  There they shaved part of my head, knocked me out, and performed an MRI scan on my brain.  It turns out my breed is predisposed to contracting cancerous tumors, and I have a small, inoperable growth on the front, left side of my brain. The doc has given me four months to live, of which I intend to make the best! To keep me comfortable, my dad is hiding steroids and anti-seizure meds inside little balls of cheese to postpone what would otherwise be a more painful and immediate departure for me.

Please help my dad fund my comfort in passing. I have always been a giving creature and I hope your support of my life can help ease my father’s suffering. If you give a little, I promise not to eat your share of the pizza at our universal destination when I get there. Until we meet again, thank you for your contribution, and stay tuned for updates on my latest adventures.


With Love,


– See more at: https://www.youcaring.com/teddybawk

Teddy is a loved by his owner, Tony, whom is an integral part of the #clattribe. As a valued member of our family, we’re rallying together to support him during this difficult time. We’d like to extend this opportunity to you as well should you choose to join us. Leave a comment with words of support if you feel compelled, or visit the link above to participate in helping Tony with the care of Teddy.



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The Trouble With Teddy…

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