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Gavin Marcial

Gavin Marcial

Photographer, Sneaker Collector, Fashion and Streetwear Enthusiast


Gavin Marcial is an avid sneaker collector and fashion enthusiast living in Manila, Philippines. He is one of our top content creators, becoming a Rastaclat Clatographer back in June 2015. His passion for sneakers, streetwear and the latest trends have opened various brand collaborations, local and international. Gavin is also launching his own Youtube channel where he hopes to inspire others to do what they love.

Q & A

How long have you been collecting sneakers and how did you get into it?

I have been collecting sneakers since 2013. It all started while looking for a decent pair of shoes for gym class. Then I saw this Jordan 3 "Fire Red" that was in my size on the shelves. I knew how great Michael Jordan is and rocking his shoes is an ultimate dream! My Dad even shared a great story about the Jordan 3 and how it became iconic during the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest. The next thing I remember is going home with a pair of Jordans and the rest is history!

How many sneakers do you own?

As of to date, I have 108 pair of sneakers and counting.

What is your favorite pair of sneakers and why?

This is tough, but I have to say it's the Jordan 3. The silhouette goes well with any outfit and the level of comfort is superb.

What criteria does a shoe have to meet in order to make it to your collection?

With a massive surge of great sneakers and collaborations, I look for 3 characteristics in a sneaker to make it to my collection - Comfort, Style and Quality.

How is the sneaker scene where you live?

Sneaker culture has invaded the Philippines. May it be for athletic activities, collection, expression of one self or simply as an investment in the sneaker market. Everyone’s eager to get their hands on the latest limited pair or classic re-mastered releases. However, there’s lack of availability of high-fashion sneakers in the market.

How did you first hear about Rastaclat and what do you like about the brand?

I owe it all to Kyle Concepcion, owner of the renowned The Nines. It was during one of the annual holiday sneaker releases of Titan, the biggest basketball shop in the Philippes when I went to claim our Jordan 1 "Bred". I was checking out the booths in the area when I bumped into Kyle and he offered a wide range of Rastaclat bracelets. I picked the one that would go well with my newly bought Jordans. I was happy but not contented! I intently looked at it and realized that it is an awesome bracelet, made of shoelaces, neatly made from high-quality materials and how intricate the lion logo is etched on it's barrel. Rastaclat's designs are stylish, trendy and creative. That's why I wanted to go back to the booth and buy several other designs that I could pair up with my sneaker collection, and I did! I'm fortunate that I have supportive parents who bought 5 more Rastaclats. Thanks to The Nines for bringing this awesome brand in Manila!

What is your favorite Rastaclat bracelet that you own and why?

It's difficult to pick just one as there’s a lot of special and unique designs to choose from! But I'd say, the "Black Cat" Rastaclat is one of my favorites. Everything about it is just perfect. From the box, to the bracelet and the very creative tag.

What Clats & Kicks bracelet would you like to see released?

I believe that Rastaclat has everything covered from the modern runners to the classic sneaker silhouttes. Though it would be more interesting to see a bracelet inspired by those high-fashion sneakers.

How do you Seek The Positive?

Seeking the positive is finding beauty in everything. Learning from every fall, seizing the day and making a difference.

Gavin Marcial

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