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A Veterans Day salute with sneakerhead “One Legged Lister”

In honor of Veterans Day, we pay homage to the brave men and women of the armed forces, who put their lives at risk to preserve the freedom we often take for granted. #CLATSANDKICKS Sneakerhead Daniel Lister, better known as “One Legged Lister” is a U.S. Army Veteran with an impressive sneaker collection and is choosing triumph over tragedy after losing his left leg during the war in Afghanistan. On Veterans Day, Daniel will be speaking at Chattahoochee High School in Johns Creek, Georgia to discuss the transition from service member back to civilian life and personal experiences he has encountered in and out of military life. Alongside of speaking, Daniel is also choosing a winner for @kixunltd’s Instagram Veterans Day Photo Challenge ”Salute to Our Veterans.” This challenge will showcase the best sneaker shots paying tribute to veterans and will run until 8pm EST on November 11th, 2016. The winner will also receive a mystery gift from @kixunltd. In order to be considered for this contest, tag your pics with #KIXSTOV16. We caught up with Daniel to see what what is going on within the sneakerhead community, a closer look at his veteran background, and how he is giving back while Spreading Positive Vibrations.


General background of yourself. Where did you grow up? Family life?
I grew up on military installations all over the United States and in Europe. Did most of my growing up with my Father, who is a retired 1SG.

What inspired you to join the U.S. Army?
I had just married at the time (20 years old and don’t recommend that at that age) and had to pay the bills. 9/11 happened while I was on my honeymoon and that solidified my choice.

When did you enlist and for how long?
I enlisted February of 2002 and retired February 2012, so a total of ten years and 14 days.

What was your duty while enlisted in the U.S. Army?
I was a combat engineer (12B). My job specifically was to control mobility/ counter mobility/ survivability. It became our jobs later to find IED’s and clear the routes traveled by US Service Members.

How many tours did you go on and where were they?
I did three in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan for a total of 54 months.

How to you celebrate Veterans day?
I am speaking at Chattahoochee High School on what the transition from service member to civilian is like and what those difficulties are. My intent is to build a bridge between us (veterans) and them (civilians), to help them to understand a veteran’s transition, that way we can begin to heal so that the nation in itself can begin to heal from the wars.

Looking back at your experience, what was the best/most positive thing about being in the U.S. Army?
The camaraderie. I loved it. I miss it every day. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my brothers (and sisters)-in-arms. We are a family when our family is THOUSANDS of miles away. We support one another through some of the most difficult times in our lives. Also, jumping out of airplanes is super rad.

How long have you been collecting sneakers?
I’ve always had a thing about sneakers. ALWAYS. But I really started collecting hard-core about 6 years ago.

Top 3 sneakers you own?
Number 1 is a tie between the Doernbecher 8 and my (2015) Aqua 8’s because it is my favorite silhouette of any shoe, ever. Those two are just iconic for me. Number 2 is the Bel-Air 5. Number 3 is the Supreme Camo 5.

Most expensive pair of sneakers you own?
The Doernbecher 8… I think it’s going for $700 – $900.

What is your favorite aspect about the sneakerhead culture?
SATURDAY MORNING!! I love the lines, the camping out, the vibe with all the other sneaker-heads. I love seeing what they’re rocking for the release, the anticipation and getting to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. Theres nothing else like it on earth.

What kind of camera do you take pictures with?
I use a Sony a6000 with a 50×1.8 lens (thanks to the guidance from @sole_versus and @_jfxl_)

Which hashtags do you use the most when posting pictures?
#THESOLEFIRM #legsdontmatch #militarysneakerheads #NoDrugsJustShoes #HeatOnFeetGang #EBkicks #isolelated #LRKicksonDeck #kicks0l0gy #kixify #teamshc #thekickodilehunter #buckeyecitysole #kicksonfire #845sneakerhead #laceddifferently #buttermovement #KICKSTAGASM #DepotFeatures #houseofheat #RSNKRF #sole_assassins_ #sneakerhead #sneakernews #solenation #solecollector #igsneakercommunity #SHARPSHOOTERS #WearYourKicks #kickfeed #clatsandkicks

Name some of your favorite sneaker social media sites to follow.
@thesolefirm (my sneaker family), @thehouseofheat, @kixuntld, @lr_kicks_on_deck, I mainly stay on IG and YouTube

Name some of your favorite sneakerheads to follow.
@shoebutter, @polosnjays, @thekickodilehunter, @bigdealphil_, @thelanrod, @sole_versus, @eb.kicks, @lacedupmd, @sneakerqueen509 (my battle buddy), @hurincanej704, @pr_sneaks23, @jodirockstar, @estsince85, @sneakerjunkienz, @solelawd, @pinoe77….. I could do this for days

Name someone that you would love to collaborate with or would want to meet (famous person, someone you look up to, anyone you can think of).
As far as collaborate with @shoebutter @bigdealphil_, @thelanrod, @sole_versus, @eb.kicks, @hurincanej704, @pr_sneaks23, @jodirockstar, @estsince85, @sneakerjunkienz they are all so original.

Some one I look up to… This is a difficult question for me. My first response is President Obama. He has walked through so much turbulence with grace and diginity. Plus his family is straight up a goal I have for mine own. To be honest, I look up to anyone who has the courage to stand up in the face of adversity, to strive for what you believe in. I admire that in people regardless of age or experience.

Favorite hobbies, sports, television shows, etc.?
I don’t watch much television (outside of NCAA football and NFL). I like to read, but most of all I love being a father.

Most unique thing about yourself that people typically don’t know?
I’m a single father, I’m studying to be a history teacher, I’m a total nerd when it comes to talking about space and astronomy, I write A LOT, and I can play classical piano.

Favorite Rastaclat (you own or need to have)?
The galaxy one is awesome and I will own that one one day. The digital camo one I just got and the subdued US flag one I have. Love them.

How did you hear about Rastaclat?
Through Billie!! (@sneakerqueen509)

Anything else you want Clatlifers to know/best advice you can provide/favorite quote to live by?
Don’t try to be a better (input your desired career/ title/ whatever). Be a better version of you everyday. The (input your desired career/ title/ whatever) will inherently follow. I don’t try to be a better father everyday. I try to be a better man everyday. Because of that I’m already a better father, brother, friend and human being. I try to think of my self less and of others more. How can I continue to be of service to humanity? Am I making the world a better place? What world am I creating for those I love and those around me? How can I help? Thats what my goal is everyday. I don’t always reach that goal. However, there is always tomorrow…

Vibe More With Daniel Here:

IG: @oneleggedlister
YouTube: One Legged Lister

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