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Inside Agenda, Long Beach 2014 from RASTACLAT on Vimeo.

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That time of the year again everyone…tradeshow season! Rastaclat embarked to the Long Beach Convention Center for the 2014 Agenda Tradeshow and was excited to showcase its Spring and Summer lines. For those of you that don’t know, Long Beach CA is the birthplace of the brand and it’s always a great experience with many friends and familiar faces. Here’s some of the antics from the show. Enjoy!

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Rastaclat is a big fan of Stance and it’s always great to see them at the shows with their latest moves.

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Shout out to Nick Diamonds for representing that Roy G. Biv Grizzly collab clat!


Skull Candy had some really cool live paintings going on in their booth..did you catch our recent COLLAB with them?

Agenda_LBC_2014 (13 of 28)The nicest guy in skateboarding, Theotis Beasley, with the Nola Rastaclat!

Agenda_LBC_2014 (22 of 28)Local kid with a mean f/s flip in front of the tradeshow.

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Laced up for throwing down!

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The cops showed up to break up the fun…

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…but not before letting this kid throw a one foot down first!

Agenda_LBC_2014 (21 of 28)Rewarded with a Nightcrawler!

Agenda_LBC_2014 (12 of 28)Our CEO and Chaz Ortiz psyched on another successful Agenda show!

Everyone at Rastaclat would like to thank all our fans, supporters, and peers for your continued love and support, we will continue to do our best to keep Spreading Positive Vibrations!!




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