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Air Trainer “Medicine Ball” Pack, 4Lab1 “Glow” and Nike Zvezdochka’s on This Week’s #ClatsAndKicks #39

This week was slow in terms of new releases, only Nike and Jordan showed face to start the new year. But, expect a steady stream of more kicks throughout this month because January’s forecast is looking VERY promising! Stay in the loop every Saturday on our blog. In the meantime, enjoy this 39th edition of #ClatAndKicks.



My picks for the week showcase many interesting characteristics. Kicks that are visually eye popping, ones that are timeless in both fashion and performance, and some that contain much history. Read along and learn a thing or two!



Introducing the Nike Air Trainer “Medicine Ball” Collection. Coming to you from the great mind of Tinker Hatfield, the world renowned designer created these to be the Army Swiss Knife of shoes. The Air Trainer III and the Air Trainer Huarache were made for performance. Whether you run, lift, jump, lunge, or squat either one of these kicks will have just what you need in terms of comfort and support. With its many panels and intricate lines, these were carefully designed to accomplish what you see here. Plain and simple, they’re a sick pair of kicks. It’s mash up of ginger and navy show beautiful balance and contrast, and these shoes are equally equipped for the streets and the gym.



If you read last week’s blog, you might remember that the Jordan I is a personal favorite of mine. Well, the Jordan IV is also up their on my list. I always have my eye out for a wearable pair of ’99 White Cement IV’s. Earlier this week, Jordan Brand closed out 2014 with this pair of 4Lab1’s. Taking the signature netting found on the AJIV, they applied it across the whole body of the AJI. They sure look clean and simple in the daylight, but once the lights go down these glow bright green. Truly taken to the lab, they look like they were dropped into some radioactive waste.



These shoes were definitely the most intriguing to me out of the EPs. I have never seen or heard of them before, and I also had to read the name a few times before I could pronounce it correctly. They are designed by Marc Newson. He currently works for Apple but has also designed for industries including everything from jewelry, furniture, and even aircraft design. His design style usually includes smooth flowing lines, translucency, strength, avoiding any sharp edges which clearly show in the Nike Zvezdochka’s. They take inspiration from Russian Astronaut footwear and are named after the Russian dog that was sent into outer space in 1961. The CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, dubbed these as one of his favorite designs. Reason being is that they feature four interchangeable parts, leading to Nike’s discovery of a completely new territory in product and customization. It’s $300 price tag reflects its quality and functionality. Like them or not, these could easily be the future in footwear.



Nike had an interesting trend this week. Some days of the week were black based kicks, while the following day saw a spike of heavy saturation. Highlights include; the Air Max “Stingray” Pack, Kobe 9 EXTs, and “Trillion Dollar Man” LeBron 12s.




Carmelo Anthony debuted his latest signature Jordan model to ring in 2015. Updated with a new look and new performance enhancing technology, ‘Melo made sure to incorporate a New York theme to this three pair drop. The Multicolor pair represent New York as a whole, from the graffiti’d walls to the bright lights of time square. The white, black, and red colorway he dedicates to Jordan Brand as a “thank you” for signing and sticking with him throughout his basketball career. The last black and gold pair was made for the people and named by the people. It’s nickname, “Gold Standard, ” was voted on by the Twitter community.

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