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Banding Together in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

#BANDINGTOGETHER in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

What started as a backyard gathering of friends twelve years ago to support a good cause was never intended to become a nationwide non-profit foundation. Thanks to the tremendous generosity and participation of countless supporters and ambassadors, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser has become a leader in supporting the unmet needs of breast cancer patients, both male and female, across the United States.


By providing WeCare Packages to newly diagnosed patients in socio-economic disadvantaged areas and funding integrative care such as massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga and other ancillary services, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser has been a true grass roots movement and call to action for young professionals to get involved in philanthropic outreach.

The battle against breast cancer is a difficult journey, especially the first few weeks after diagnosis. The WeCare Package is a vessel of strength and hope for newly diagnosed patients in need of resources and tools to alleviate the range of emotions on is bound to endure.

If you are interested in getting involved and help in Spreading Positive Vibrations® to those affected with breast cancer, please visit:



Rastaclat is #BANDINGTOGETHER with THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser to join in their fight against breast cancer by donating 10% of proceeds from all AWARENESS Classic Bracelets sold in the month of October.



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