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    JUN 13 2019



    We spent the day skating around Downtown Los Angeles with clatlifer, Chelsea Castro. The Long Beach, California skater rides for Chaos Skateboard Co., Autobahn, Grizzly, Glassy, Ace Trucks, and Lacorda. Check out our day as we talk about the importance of community, the love she has for her friends, her current focus on filming, and the good and bad of social media exposure.

    Rastaclat: Talk about your identity within skate.

    Chelsea: I would just call myself a skater, I wouldn't say I'm a girl-skater or female skater. I just skateboard and I'm a girl. It's pretty simple.

    Rastaclat: How'd you get into skating?

    Chelsea: For me, it's always been friends. I always loved being around friends. Skateboarding has pushed me, in that sense, because I've always skated with people that are better than me.

    Rastaclat: What inspires you to keep skating?

    Chelsea: I feel like there's more opportunities now, being a female skateboarder. But I've never looked at it that way. I just did it because it's the way I live. It's my whole life. I skate for myself. I'm not going to do it for anyone else.

    Rastaclat: What do you love about the skate community in Southern California?

    Chelsea: That's why I love skateboarding, because it's a community. You're not in it alone, there's always going to be someone that's in the same situation as you, someone that's better than you, someone that's not as good as you, but in the end of the day we're all skateboarders.