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Clatlife Spotlight: Artist Paul Ortega

Paul Ortega

What motivates you as an artist?
I have always had an infatuation with greatness and the individuals who stop at nothing to be great. I enjoy painting athletes and musicians who are the best at what they do. For example, “Dear Basketball” (2016) is a 30″x40″ portrait of Kobe Bryant painted during the last games of his unbelievable 20 year career.


Traveling is also a big motivating factor for me. A career-goal of mine is to be able to use my art as an avenue to travel to countries I’ve never been to. Painting a mural on a wall in Barcelona would bring a different essence and experience than one painted here on my balcony. My surroundings such as music and food can all effect my mentality going into a painting.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.36.42 PM

How did you first hear about Rastaclat? When did you first get clatted up?
I first heard about Rastaclat back in 2011, I believe. A good friend of mine, Rey, worked at Active Rideshop and would hook me up with some bracelets every now and then.

What do you love about Rastaclat?
I love how Rastaclat started. Hearing about Daniel’s journey from braiding shoelaces to now being an international brand is truly The American Dream. The positivity and creativity of this simple concept radiates throughout the employees and offices of Rastaclat.

I enjoy seeing people react positively to my work. Facial expressions, supportive feedback, and a person’s connection and relation to my artwork is how I #SeekThePositive. Nothing beats it when a client tells me my work reminds them about a vivid memory; whether it’s a Tupac or Biggie song, or a Michael Jordan dunk from the ’87 Dunk Contest. If my work makes someone feel a certain type of way, then the painting was a success.

Is there anything else you want to share with the other Clatlifers?
Follow me on all social media platforms. Posting pictures of behind the scenes, works in progress, and finished pieces is my form of advertising to attract business. Support your local artist and help spread the word! Email me for any custom orders.

To get in touch with Paul:

Email: paulortega.designs@gmail.com
Instagram/Snapchat: paulortegadesigns
Twitter: paul_designs
Website: www.paulortegadesigns.com Coming Soon!




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