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Clatlife Spotlight: Campus Rep Jesse Rooney Campus Rep

Rastaclat Campus Rep

I first heard of Rastaclat from working at Tilly’s. One day as I surfed the Internet, I fortunately stumbled across an application process for the Rastaclat Campus Rep Program. I applied for the program mainly for the experience and for the opportunity to learn, implement and evaluate various marketing strategies throughout my semester. Becoming a part of The Pride was one of the most insightful and influential experiences I have ever experienced.

I never looked at this program as a job. I love hiking, playing sports, and traveling to all parts of the world and this program gave me the freedom to do the things I love along with helping build towards my education.

I am getting my degree in marketing so I am surrounded by other students holding Campus rep positions for some of the biggest companies in the world, but their personal experiences were sometimes sub-par. The relationship I had with Rastaclat and the other Reps was genuine. Though I was never able to meet anyone face to face, the Facebook group and conference calls kept us together as we shared our experiences and how all could improve.

Rastaclat Arizona Bracelet

The initial care package was so overwhelming; I did not expect the backpack, business cards, hat, shirts and amount of merchandise! This allowed me to be creative in ways to start my campaign. Son and Brittnie let the reps know when sales were coming up as well as providing club contact lists and personalized photos for each of the universities.

My favorite experience during the Program was attending events outside of the university whether it be Music festivals or farmers markets. I had a blast connecting with the student population as well, seeing THINK POSITIVE stickers on laptops as I studied for Exams in the library was a very rewarding feeling.

The most challenging experience I had during the Campus rep Program was trying something new. The first time I stood outside to handout flyers and talk about the brand, I was scared and nervous. It was out of my comfort zone to approach people I did not know to talk to people about something they know nothing about.

Rastaclat Arizona Bracelet

The most important thing I learned was to keep on keeping on. If I had a dollar for each time I was ignored, I would be a millionaire. Instead I learned that I needed to spotlight the good and brush off the bad. Some strategies will work and some won’t. Sometimes production levels might not equal the effort put in, but you cannot let that stop you from figuring out a way to do better. Don’t give up, don’t be afraid to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone!

I am forever a member of the pride. I represent Rastaclat from here on out. If there is ever an opportunity to help and add value to Rastaclat I will. Rastaclat took a chance on me, gave me their trust, which is more valuable than any price tag. I will forever live my life Spreading Positive Vibrations.

Jesse Rooney
Rastaclat Campus Rep
Marketing Major at the University of Arizona

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