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We went in the kitchen with long time Clatlifer Joseph Saady aka @grandmasterchefjojo to cook up some Zucchini Pasta and chat about how he became a celebrity chef / Rastaclat ambassador!

Celebrity chef on the come up Joseph Saady, aka Grand Master Chef JoJo, tell the Clatlifers what we are cooking today!
Today we are making Cabbage Cream Zucchini Pasta with Italian Meatballs.

Can you hook up the folks at home with this recipe?
Here is my Cabbage Cream Zucchini Pasta with Italian Meatballs:

Now lets see how its done!

Well your cooking definitely lives up to the hype… So lets hear more about the man behind the food!
I’m a father first and always, I have three beautiful children. I am also into skateboarding and snowboarding, I grew up doing both and now I get to share that with my son. I worked in a board shop a majority of my life and I learned how to use those retail and people skills into my brand. I love people, I love to smile all day and help others, it’s a mission for me to help others through love but also through food.

Where were you born? Tell us about your family..
I was born in Detroit Michigan, I stayed their during my younger days and moved to Los Angeles California when I was around 7 or 8 years old. The majority of my family lives in Detroit to this day. My ethnicity is Lebanese and Syrian. My family grew up with nothing and turned that nothing into something. I come from a long family history of hard work, positivity, and determination to make it here in the states. We’ve had bad times and good times but our positive family bond always keeps us together.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love spending time with my kids, skating, snowboarding, driving around my 1963 Cadillac Coupe Devile, watching cooking shows, and I’m always down to Netflix and chill lol. Of course I practice my cooking skills daily and I also love to read.

Joseph & @richhomiequan :@crustykevin

When did you start cooking and what inspired to you to pursue it as a career?
I have been cooking for about 13 years. I started cooking at very young age with my family from Lebanon. They’re always cooking! Family dinners were super important and it was crucial for us to be there to help one another as a unit. I was also inspired by cooking channels… siting there saying, I will be there one day and I will change the world with my positive vibes and good food.

Who is your favorite people to cook for?
Rich Homie Quan, I Am Compton, Richie Rich and the lovely Norvina of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Who is someone you would love to collaborate with in the kitchen?

Micheal Voltaggio


What is your go to track to listen to when your cooking it up?
“We Good” by Fabulous ft. Rich Homie Quan


Why did you join Rastaclat’s movement of Spreading Positive Vibrations?
I’m full believer in the laws of attraction. I love the positive energy Rastaclat is bringing to the world and I had to be a part of it. I’m truly blessed that the Rastaclat family and I believe in same the vision. The energy is real and when I look at my wrist I am reminded of how blessed I am.

As seen on @grandmasterchefjojo

What is your favorite Rastaclat you own?
I am huge fan of all of the Knotaclats!

Aside from your amazing cooking, how else do you Spread Positive Vibes?
I am always giving my bracelets away to those that need a reminder to stay positive, especially clients! Pay it forward.

We recently released our NBA Collection, which team’s bracelet are you repping?
I’m a huge Laker fan but I do love the Clippers and Detroit Pistons too. I’m a laker fan first and foremost, bang bang..

Anything else you want to let the Clatlifers know?
Never give up on your dreams. With hard work and dedication you will succeed, god has a plan for everyone and it will happen if you believe in yourself and always do the right thing. Stay positive, it could always be worse. I also want to thank everyone from Rastaclat Pride for all the support. ALL GAS NO BRAKES!


With the use of fresh fruits and vegetables in his masterpieces along with his exquisite plating, it is clear why Joseph has earned the notoriety that he has today. In an article by PSLA, Produce Services of Los Angeles, Joseph said, “food to me is like art…so I always wanted to experiment and do more.” They went on to explain that “through his work, experimenting and “doing more” is exactly what Grand Master Chef Jojo has done. Social media has helped him to build a solid fan base, which led him to land personal chef positions for some of Hip-Hop and Hollywood’s biggest names.” – Click to read the full article

To keep up with this culinary Clatlifer follow him on instagram at @grandmasterchefjojo and be ready to see him take over your favorite cooking show!

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