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#CLATSANDKICKS Spotlight: Jodi “Rockstar” Goldberg

An East Coast native with an impressive shoe collection, Jodi “Rockstar” Goldberg is a household name in the sneakerhead community. With her humble demeanor and custom #JodiRockstar hashtag that just recently hit 100,000 tags on Instagram, Jodi explains how being a female sneakerhead can be difficult at times since the sneakerhead community is primarily male dominated. We caught up with Jodi to see what her favorite pairs of kicks are, why she loves the NMD Runner and how she became apart of the Rastaclat Clats and Kicks movement.

Background information on yourself.

I grew up in Howard Beach which is apart of Queens, New York. I am a Licensed Graphic Designer for watches. This technically means I design for Disney, Marvel and Nickelodeon to name a few of the brands. I love taking pictures of my kicks, it’s a real hobby for me! I am a super hero junkie and love all the Marvel movies as well!

How long have you been collecting sneakers and how many do you own? 

The Jordan Varsity 6 was the first sneaker I fell in love with back in 91’.  From that sneaker on I was hooked but didn’t collect sneakers until later on in my adult years. As for the amount of kicks I own I don’t feel it’s about numbers. Sneaker collecting is about the love for sneakers and the nostalgia or story behind them. If you ask any sneaker collector about a particular pair in their collection, I guarantee they have a memory or story behind them.

What are the top 3 sneakers you own?

Top 3 sneakers I own are my Jordan Varsity 6, Paranorman Foams and DB4’s.

You’re a female sneakerhead, any advice or words of wisdom you want to give all the ladies out there? 

Being a female Sneakerhead can be very difficult as it is a male dominated passion!  There are a lot of us ladies that are holding it down as far as it being a real passion and unfortunately we aren’t recognized as much! My advice to all the ladies that love kicks is “Keep doing what you love and let your sneakers speak volumes. Rock what you love and don’t let anyone dull your shine!”

You and your collection were featured on Kicks On Fire, what was that like?

My feature on Kicks On Fire was an amazing experience! I was able to share some of my favorite sneakers and stories behind them. I was so nervous doing that video because it was actually the first time I opened up my home to share my collection. I was very blessed to have been apart of that because at the time they were specifically interviewing females, which again was very rare.

Since we are launching the Classic RMD Runner bracelet, what are some of your favorite characteristics about the Adidas NMD Runner? 

I am a fan of the NMD’s because the comfort on them to me are on point. I can wear a pair of NMDs all day without my feet hurting which is so key as I get older!  The boost technology is a slam dunk for comfort for me!

How did you first hear about Rastaclat and what do you like about the brand? 

I learned of Rastaclat via Instagram as some of my sneaker friends started to wear them. I absolutely love the quality of them and the message they portray! Positive Vibes who doesn’t need Positive Vibes in their life?!

Favorite Rastaclat you own or need to have? 

I actually love all my Rastaclats, I love that I can match them to different kicks. I have a funny story. I wore my classic Onyx II Rastaclat to visit my parents and my mom loved it so much I had to give it to her so I need to get a new one haha! I don’t think I’ll ever have enough of Rastaclats as each one of them can be worn with something different.

Vibe More with Jodi Here:

Instagram: @JodiRockstar

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