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Welcome to another edition of #CLATSANDKICKS where we discuss all things sneakers, hype and of course Rastaclat.

If you haven’t been keeping track over the last few months, #CLATSANDKICKS is a space dedicated to the freshest Rastaclats and the flyest kicks. We have an open discussion on sneakers from the past and present and tie them into one of our beloved Rastaclat shoelace bracelets.

The month of April had some crazy releases and looking ahead to this month’s batch of goodies.

At the tail end of April, Supreme; indie NYC skate brand turned global fashion phenomenon dropped some 90’s Fuego (to no surprise) with their special touch of course.


Nike Air Suptempo Matched up with the Fever Miniclat
Supreme’s custom version of the iconic ’90s hoops shoe with “SUPREME” replacing the original “AIR” design boldly wrapping the upper released April 27th via Supreme in all three color ways. Since we haven’t shown much love to the ladies, this next matchup is straight off the press from our MAY 1 drop. The mini Fever is a great companion piece to the gold pair of “Suptempo’s” with it’s Lurex thread and classic braid. If your looking for another gold bracelet to match up with this sneaker check out the Novac Knotaclat!

With all things 90’s taking over the globe, we had to put our two cents in. With inspiration ranging from Art, music, TV and film we introduce the TBT pack for your nostalgia fix.


The Fresh Prince 5’s up with the Palms Classic bracelet
Even if you don’t know who Jaden Smith’s dad is, kids born in the 80’s worshiped The Fresh Prince as the ultimate style god. One of my favorite pieces in the collection is definitely the Palms Classic bracelet. With it’s silk screened pattern and classic neon color pop it is a perfect summer Jawn. It was really a no brainer to pair this with the Fresh Prince 5’s from a few years ago. Let us know your thoughts on the combo!


Check out the rest of the new releases we have in store!

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