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We are getting ready with the glamorous Natalie Korzenowski and a first look at the new Glamour Miniclats!

Hey Natalie, tell the Clatlifers a little about yourself!
Hi! My name is Natalie Korzenowski and I’m a twenty-fo (24) year old from Las Vegas, but luckily for the beach bum side of me, I live in Southern California currently. The pisces in me just loves the water! I am a passionate makeup artist, just trying to spread the love around (: Oh and I also have the best dog ever, his name is Bentley, and yes it’s true, blondes do have more fun.

How long have you been a makeup artist?
I have been a makeup artist 2 years now! I have worked in cosmetics for four years, but honestly wouldn’t have considered myself a makeup artist until I was able to apply makeup on others with knowledge.

When did you start having an interest in makeup?
You know, I wasn’t too into makeup in high school. I definitely remember trying to put eyeshadow on many times and I always just ended up taking it off and giving up. Although it never seemed to bother me to go without it. Little did I know, I’d ‘grow up’ and use it as a release, creative outlet, and honestly even a gift I can now share with others. I will say, I must give credit to my best friend Molly for showing a sista what to do with makeup. She definitely started my road to exploration!

What is your favorite part about your profession?
I have loved being around so many people over the years and connecting with them in person and online. It has been such a blessing. It has shown me many life skills and I continue to learn so much every day. Being able to meet so many different people and potentially make a positive lasting impact on them, as well as learn something from them, is so fulfilling.

What do you love most about makeup?
I love how versatile it is. Anyone can wear it and feel that instant confident boost they might need to conquer their day. Remember though, it’s an accessory, not a necessity for personal happiness! Makeup is for any and everyone and is such an awesome positive outlet. From the glamorous bride to the everyday gal going for a quick and simple look, the possibilities are endless!

What makeup products should no woman leave home without?
SPF. Protect yo-self. Seriously, its the best anti-ager out there. Also lip balm, no one likes crusty lips, am I right?! Plus they hurt, so again, protect yo-self. I know we all like out liquid lipsticks now a days too, pop some lip balm over to revive without having to re-apply!

So we wanted to give you an exclusive first look of the new Glamour Miniclats!

What did you think?
These Glamour Miniclats really speak to my heart. They all carry this iridescent shimmer, and its seriously all I’ve ever wanted. Iridescent colors are always my favorite to play with for my makeup too so I love matching them with my looks. They are very comfy to wear too! Its not fun having loose, clunky bracelets when I’m trying to do someones makeup.

How do the Mini Glamours reflect your style/look?
The Glamour Miniclats allow me to embrace the side of me that likes to have fun and look cute. All while still letting me be my laid back self. They are so versatile too that they go with everything that I wear, you can catch me in a jeans and t-shirt preferably though.

How do you Seek Positivity in your day-to-day?
Always be nice to people! I try to be nice to everyone I cross paths with, although I’m not good at it all the time. I do try not to forget that we affect others around us, so it should be for good. Helping others helps us too. Positive interaction is soul food. Also by doing things that make me happy. I’m a simple gal, so thats makeup and realistically, just hanging out with my pup all day.

Where can we see your work?
Snap me, Tweet me, if you wanna reach me girl! Jk I don’t use the Twitter, BUT Snapchat is my favorite place to connect and interact with people! I hope that I can inspire others to strive for knowledge and to play with more color! (:


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