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Introducing the Mini Reversible Pack with Clatlifer Adriana Rodriguez

Meet Adriana Rodriguez (@moananaluuuu), a devoted Clatlifer and beach native from Puerto Rico! With a passion for surfing and being outdoors, Adriana gives us an inside look into her world of living in Puerto Rico and what Spreading Positive Vibrations means to her. Check out our photo gallery to see Adriana wearing latest styles in our new Mini Reversible Pack!

Have you lived in Puerto Rico your entire life?

Yes, I’ve lived here my entire life. I’m from Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

What activities do you do to keep a positive outlook in life?

I work as a veterinary helper. I’m an animal lover and I help rescue them on my free time. At home, I just get my surfboard and spend some good surfing hours for my well being. My favorite beaches are “El Peñón de Mera”La Marginal,” “Casa y Pesca,” and “Hallows.” I also ride my longboard when there’s no waves around.

What are your favorite things to do in Puerto Rico?

My favorite things to do in PR are hiking, surfing, and longboarding.

How long have you been surfing for?

I’ve been surfing since 96.’ My dad used to take me to the beach and teach me how to surf. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

How did you hear about Rastaclat?

Fico Rodz @ficorodz long time Rastaclat Puerto Rico distributor and Sk8Hop owner @sk8hop is the person who initially introduced me to it.

What do you like about the Miniclat silhouette?

Very comfortable with a variety of amazing colors. I like how it fits my wrist just right and how fashionable it is.

What do you like to match your Rastaclats with?

I match my Rastaclats with almost everything I wear, but I love to match them with my bikinis.

The new Reversible Miniclats feature two different colorways that are interchangeable. If you could create your own Reversible Miniclat, what two colors would you choose?

I would create a light blue with pink Miniclat.

How would you describe Rastaclat to a friend?

Rastaclat is a must! You can put it on and enjoy the feeling of be part of a cool worldwide family. Everyone needs one!

What words of wisdom do you have for someone who is seeking the positive?

You need to have faith and believe yourself.


Adriana Rodriguez

Instagram – @moananaluuuu

Photos by: @irideforjesus

Mini Reversible Pack available at Sk8Hop located in front of the Mayagüez Skate Plaza in Mayagüez, PR. www.sk8hop.com

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