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Introducing the Originators Capsule

Ras_AgendaRastaclat is both excited and proud to introduce our Originators Capsule. The inspiration from the collection came from a few places, the most obvious being our coveted Agenda X Rastaclat bracelet from 2013. The clamor and frenzy that ensued after posting images of the Agenda piece told us one thing, we needed to make this available to the Positive Vibe Nation.

The underlying influence behind the entire capsule, however, is the vibrant and spirited art of Native American culture. The accessories in the collection reference Native American history. The classic shoelace bracelet, Sacajawea, was named after the woman who journeyed thousands of miles as an interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark. The collection is not only inspired by early American art but also the age of exploration; an homage to the first Americans, the Originators.

Rastaclat released the Originators capsule and the rest of our Spring 2014 collection on February 15, so check out the new releases page to see what’s good! Stay tuned to our social media for sneak peeks at future drops: @Rastaclat on Twitter and Instagram or /RastaclatBrand on Facebook and /+RastaclatBrand on Google+.


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