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Lace Swap – Featuring Core Rope Laces

Sometimes refreshing your old sneakers or adding a customized look to your new sneakers is all you need to set yourself apart from all the sneakerheads out there. Were here to tell you that it’s just as simple as a lace swap of your old laces for some new ones to add a little flare, or just to clean up the look. This month we focus on the Rastaclat Core Rope laces.

The rope lace was made popular early on by athletic running shoes and cross trainers. These laces can be found in most Air Max’s, Asics, and New Balance running shoes and even the new Yeezy Boost Adidas. Some basketball shoes also sport these laces, most notably the Air Jordan XI. Their durability and design pattern features make them stand apart from other laces. In the past few years with the rise of Asics and overall trainers, these laces have become a staple for sneakerheads. Check out some match up ideas below.

Take a look at our selection of laces for only $3.99 on http://store.rastaclat.com/rope/

Feel free to show us how you refresh your sneakers and tag the photo on Instagram with #laceswap.

 CreativeShoelace_SL005MNRCH_Monarch_RoundShoelace CreativeShoelace_SL005SDWK_Sidewalk_RoundShoelace


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