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Meet Trudy: Rastaclat Mom

My first introduction to what we now all know as Rastaclat was back when my son Ethan was in high school in Placentia, CA. His good friend Daniel was over one day and was sharing his new idea for a bracelet. I asked him to show me what he had designed and he brought me all the bracelets that he had made thus far. It originally had a plastic clip on each end that would snap together to fasten around your wrist. I think he was shocked when I told him I wanted to buy a few and right then and there he had to come up with a price. I would have paid any price though because I wanted to support his brilliant idea and I was elated for him! I ended up buying four of the bracelets and still have them. I guess you could say, I was one of the first Clatlifers!


trudy collection 1


Daniel had made his first sale and he stood there with this big beautiful smile, full of promise. From then on, every time Daniel came by the house to visit Ethan, I would ask him how his progress was going. He was struggling to figure out a different way to close the bracelets because the plastic clip was not making it easily accessible for varying wrists sizes.

As far as I remember, Daniel shelved the idea for a long while. I would periodically ask Ethan how Daniel was coming along with the bracelets, when one day Ethan told me Daniel had finally figured out the design. He created the Classic Bracelet, which is the beloved design that we all know and love today. He had also decided on a name, it was to be called Rastaclat, meaning “The Cloth of the Righteous.” Now he was off to the races!

Ethan and Daniel eventually became roommates in Long Beach. Shortly after the orders started coming in, their dining room was constantly filled with columns of boxes of inventory waiting to fill orders! The company progressed so rapidly he had to rent his first warehouse, and shortly after had to move into a larger one. The brand continued to grow into the thriving symbol of positivity that it is today.

Here is my collection so far. I am proud to say I have some of the most rare Clats ever made!


trudy 2

trudy 4


In closing, I want the world to know that from the seed of his idea to me, I KNEW Daniel would make Rastaclat successful. The excitement and passion that he showed was genuine and not a sales pitch. He always had a powerful vision for Rastaclat, and with drive and determination the germination had finally begun.

My own PRIDE is immense, and the best part is having a front row seat at watching Daniel conquer each and every struggle in this unique, American success story. I thank Daniel from the bottom of my heart for being an excellent role model of professionalism in business for my son Ethan and I want him to know how lucky Ethan is to have such a great friend, ex-roommate, and now boss!

As Booker T. Washington once said, “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.” It has truly been such a pleasure to witness the creation and success of Rastaclat and it could not have happened to a more deserving man.

Trudy Hogbin
(Your mother from another brother)


Rastaclat Mother's Day





***And A Very Happy Mother’s Day To All The Other #CLATLIFE Moms Out There. Spreading Positive Vibrations And Seeking The Positive Starts With You.
Thank You For Everything. Always.

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