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Minami Minami


Minami Minami is a singer/songwriter that makes up one-half of the duo Cream. The act is turning heads in the genre of the New J-Pop movement which blends Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, and R&B with bilingual Japanese and English lyrics. Minami Minami was born in Hong Kong, China, but her family soon moved to Kobe, Japan. Naturally, she is fluent in Japanese, however it was learning English as a second language that led to her success in music.

Her first big opportunity came when the rapper Verbal, of the Japanese hip hop group m-flo, reached out to her. Verbal became her mentor and helped to develop her vocal talents. After this partnership, Minami Minami took every opportunity to write and sing. She also worked with artists such as BoA and ICONIQ to build her resume.

Cream was formed in 2011, consisting of Minami and her best friend Staxx T. While Minami handles the vocals and songwriting, Staxx T focuses on the music production for the group. The duo has been very successful in Japan and have already released two albums. One hit from their album, Dreamin’, even reached number 1 on the Japanese iTunes song chart and, after its release, they set out on a tour which spanned 29 performances in 24 cities. To date Cream’s videos have over 26 million views, they have more than 77 thousand subscribers and those numbers are on the rise.

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