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Mini Bruce Lee | Win a Dragon!

We linked up with Bruce Lee’s biggest fan, Ryusei Imai, to find out more about how he became known as Mini Lee. Ryusei has perfected the nunchuck scene from Fist of Fury, copying Bruce Lee’s moves to a T along with other scenes from Bruce Lee’s movies. He has even been featured on shows like Little Big Shots and Super Kids.

Mini Bruce Lee

How old are you?
6 year-old, in Kindergarten.

Who helped you train to be like Bruce Lee?
My Father.

What is your favorite Bruce Lee Movie?
Way of the Dragon, Game of Death.

What do you love about Bruce Lee?
How fast his movement is, the way he fights, his facial expressions, and his nunchucks and muscles.

Bruce Lee was in 20 movies by the age of 18, do you plan on starring in movies as well?
Now no, I focus on practicing.

Bruce Lee liked to draw, read and write poetry, what other activities do you like to do?
I like music and movies. I also want to play guitar like my father.

Bruce Lee was extremely involved with his family, how do you like to spend time with family?
I think Family is precious thing so everyday we keep our communication strong.


Here’s the video from Little Big Shots:



We were so inspired by Mini Lee that we decided to have a Dragon contest!



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