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Prince of Puerto Rico

Rastaclat is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s @PrinceOfPuertoRico! This event was founded by professional skaters and Sk8Hop owners Manny Santiago and Fico Rodz. This event is the official skate competition of Puerto Rico aiming to showcase local talent & spread positivity. The competition takes place on December 17th, 2016 and is presented by the Sheckler Foundation. Rastaclat product will be awarded to the winners plus Manny Santiago and his crew will be hooking up the crowd with free bracelets! With a total of $4, 000 in cash & prizes being given away, you don’t want to miss out on this special event!

Check out how the Prince of Puerto Rico competition began!


Follow @Mannyslaysall and @Sk8Hop on Twitter & Instagram and be sure to check out the Prince of Puerto Rico Facebook page for the latest on the event.

Check out what happened at the 2nd annual Prince of Puerto Rico: -HERE-

About The Sheckler Foundation:
Founded in 2008, The Sheckler Foundation was created as an avenue for Ryan Sheckler, his family, friends and business associates to give back to the community and industry that they are so grateful for. Fueled by the desire to contribute to the many causes that directly benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes, The Sheckler Foundation will produce fundraising events, passion projects and web-based initiatives to raise capital and awareness. Our ultimate goal is to empower our community to “Be the Change!”


For additional info on The Sheckler Foundation, stay tuned to, facebook.com/shecklerfoundation and follow @ShecklerFoundation on Twitter and Instagram.

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