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Rastaclat Event…In China!

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Daniel Rastaclat


Rastaclat founder, Daniel Kasidi, and the Rastaclat crew just recently returned from a Spreading Positive Vibrations trip to China and other countries in Asia. The mission was concentrated on Brand Awareness and focusing on International Marketing efforts. It was a great learning experience and really amazing to see what kind of an impact Rastaclat has had for our retail partners overseas.

Part of the time spent in China featured Daniel and Rastaclat at an event hosted by Rastaclat Retailer, Chaowanyi, which was a great chance to further educate the local media about Rastaclat’s story and overall brand message.


Rastaclat Table


Check out an interview with Daniel and rest of the photos: HERE.  (Pro Tip: Try Google Translate.)


Spoiler Alert: They even had little Rastaclat cupcakes.





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