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Rastaclat talks to Fabrizio Santos

RRe introduce yourself: name, sponsors, and where you’re from: My name is Fabrizio Santos, and I’m originally from a small place in Brasil called Aracaju, but live out here in California now. My sponsors are Programme Skate & Sound, Positiv Skateboards, and Diamond.

AA day in the life of Fabrizio, break it down for us: After I wake up, I usually make some fresh squeezed orange juice with some breakfast, help my girls get ready, and take them off to school. During the day I’ll turn on some music and work outside on building ramps, shred my backyard, or go out to spots and skate. Sometimes I’ll head over to Programme Skate & Sound, or make some beats. Each day is different, but I’m always doing things I love.”

Skating with the homies: who is in your crew & how did it come about?: I don’t have as much of a set crew like other people may have. I actually prefer to skate alone. I feel a lot more focused on myself and what I’m doing, and I don’t get distracted by other people. I’ve been out skating a lot with Durso lately, and we normally end up with a group to skate and have fun with. It’s always nice though to meet new people that way who share the same passion as you.

T- Tell us what you have coming up: Right now I’m working on a part for True Skateboard Mag, and will be attending and skating at the Ryan Sheckler Foundation “Skate For A Cause” coming up on May 4th. Other than that just continuing community involvement at Programme Skate & Sound and letting things come about organically.

AAll of us want to know about your infamous backyard. Can you tell us more about it?: I built the whole thing myself. I first started off building a tree house for my girls, then it expanded out to a mini, then it just started filling up from there. I had to paint over the wood to help protect it, and just wanted to make it a vibrant place to skate so I used a lot of colors. I just put up some wood on the side of the house, and my girls have been helping me paint that. I really like the “Do It Yourself” mentality, and using what the Earth has given us to create things. A lot of people have been coming by to skate it, so it’s cool to have a positive and different place in my own backyard, literally.

CCountdown your top 5 favorite places you’ve skated:
1. China 2. Australia 3. Prague 4. America 5. Brasil.

LLet everyone know how you first got into skating: I started skating in Brasil back in ’93. My friends were skating, and I saw them bomb down a hill, and all I thought was, “Wow, I want to try.” I asked to use one of their boards and I tried and fell. I got back up and tried again, and I did it. At that point I knew that it was something I wanted to do and be a part of, and began really skating. I moved out to America in 2000 to pursuit my dreams, and here I am now.

AAny favorite Rastaclat bracelet?: My favorite is the “Quest” bracelet for sure. When I moved out here, I didn’t know any English at all. The way I learned the language was through listening to all different types of music, and that included hip-hop records. I like the homage it pays to A Tribe Called Quest, because they are absolutely my favorite group.

TThank you for taking the time to roll with us. Any shout outs?: Shout out to all the skaters all over the world!

Fabrizio and the crew

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