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Rastaclat Talks to Teejay Regan


Teejay Regan was accustomed to great high school basketball games growing up in North Lakewood, Washington. The Evergreen State has produced over 20 NBA players so it could almost be considered fate that he ended up working with two of them. After high school he attended the Los Angeles Film School thanks in part to his grandfather’s influence. Growing up they both envisioned that the best way for Teejay to express his creativity was through film and photography; so he made it happen. The aspiring filmmaker responded to a tweet sent out by current Sacramento King guard Isaiah Thomas, at the time Isaiah was playing college ball at the University of Washington and expressed an interest in making a movie about his life. The two began talking and the Isaiah Thomas documentary “Mr. Irrelevant” was born. The next defining moment for Teejay was when he met current Denver Nugget guard Nate Robinson at the biggest 3 on 3 tournament in the world in Spokane, Washington, and the rest is history. Nate had loved the work Teejay did with Isaiah and they began traveling full time during the NBA season, managing his State of Nate blog (www.stateofnate.com) and all of Robinson’s social media, as well as still working on Isaiah’s documentary. His creative view on film is very unique, he is a stellar editor and proof that with hard work and networking anything is possible. Make sure to follow Teejay on Instagram @TeejayRegan to keep up with his happenings, we recently rapped out with him while he was on a road trip.

Rastaclat: What was your first photoshoot like?

Teejay. : My first actual video shoot was in south central LA with Joe Moses. I was 19 and had no clue what I was doing, but I made it happen and it was interesting to say the least.

R: What was the first camera you rocked with?

T: The first camera i owned was a Canon XL2, it’s what I shot all my first stuff with.

R: Who was your inspiration to originally get into film?

T: I guess I got my inspiration for making movies from my grandpa. He had all the old school editing equipment in his house and I found it really interesting. He helped me make class projects and things, so by the time I was in 8th grade I just starting filming everything my friends and I did.

R: What do you like about Rastaclat products?

T: I like the fact that everything is very well made, different colors for every outfit and the company does things a for a good cause.

R: What is your biggest goal doing photos and video?

T: I want to win Sundance one day.

R: What is the next big project to look out for?

T: As always State of Nate, looking to do some big things with that, we’ve got a lot more episodes on the way. Also the Isaiah Thomas documentary “Mr. Irrelevant” is still in the process of filming and should be getting some solid plans going with that after this season.

Check out the trailer for Teejay’s documentary “Mr. Irrelevant”

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