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Rastaclat Tee Shirts have Dropped!

Ask and you shall receive! In a 2016 survey we asked Clatlifers what they wanted from Rastaclat. Due to an overwhelming demand we are excited to announce the launch of Rastaclat T-Shirts! This is the first time in the history of Rastaclat that we are now offering two unique prints that are available in two different colorways.

If you want to represent living positively in more ways than your Rastaclat bracelets, the ‘Positive Vibes’ shirt sums up the entire Rastaclat culture in just one little phrase.

Rastaclat Tshirt

Need more positive vibes in your wardrobe? The shirt with the circle Lion logo tells the world what positive vibe tribe you represent!

Both styles are available in black and white. These Rastaclat shirts are available for purchase on Rastaclat.com.

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