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Rastaclat x Reed Space Collaborate to bring you the “Composition” Classic Bracelet

Rastaclat and Reed Space have once again partnered up to bring you the “Composition” Classic Bracelet. First came the No.2 Pencil Classic bracelet that featured a distinct old school pencil color way with eraser tip aglets. In our second collaboration, we stuck with the same inspiration, “Reading is fundamental, ” and developed a Classic Bracelet featuring a Composition Notebook print with both iconic logos on the barrel.


Founded by Jeff Staple and often regarded as one of the world’s best and most innovative stores, Reed Space is a pioneer in the concept of “lifestyle boutique.” First opening its doors in the historic Lower East Side district of New York City, is also features an art gallery that has hosted some of our generation’s most celebrated artists. With a mantra “A Positive Social Contagion, ” you can see how the collaboration came about, one brand and one store, on a mission to Spreading Positive Vibrations®.


CLICK HERE to purchase the very limited “COMPOSITION” Classic Bracelet on rastaclat.com or you can visit Reed Space online and in-store.

Reed Space

151 Orchard St.

New York, NY 10002


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