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Rastaclat x World of Dance


UPDATE: The World of Dance collaborative bracelets will be available 7/22, worldwide and on rastclat.com.


The Encore Classic Bracelet


The Solo Classic Bracelet

World of Dance Tour, also known as WOD, is the largest urban dance competition currently on tour worldwide in 14 different markets. WOD focuses on the art of street dancing and today’s newest choreography. It is the largest multicultural touring event to promote urban dance and youth lifestyle. The world’s top dancers, hundreds of participants, and thousands of spectators attend the tour’s competitive performances that take place in a festival setting. For the dancers, WOD offers free standing competitions in multiple formats of “urban” dance; the categories include choreographed groups, competitive duets, and free styling individuals. The event involves all forms of dance: Break Dancing, Krumping, Housing, and Choreography are only a few of the styles seen at the competition. The day’s top dancers are awarded at the end of the event, but it is a prestigious acknowledgement for all that get the chance to perform. Spectators get the opportunity to interact with artists, fashion brands and musicians in addition to the competitions and the possibility of mingling with world renowned urban dancers. All in all, the World of Dance Tour has created a lifestyle event that brings together competitors and spectators from all corners of the globe together to celebrate an underserved niche. The parallels between our brands are clear, Rastaclat and WOD seek to bring people together in a positive and inclusive way where individuality is celebrated. Be you dancer, musician, sneakerhead or just interested in getting out in to the world in a unique way, there is no prerequisite for being part of our tribes. After meeting with WOD we are proud to announce that we have designed a custom ‘clat to join together the fans of both our brands and promote our mutual perspective on life and your right to live it your way. This is looking to be a highly coveted piece that we could not be more excited about. The release will be limited so make sure to be on the lookout for updates via social media. Follow @rastaclat on Instagram and Twitter or /RastaclatBrand on Facebook and Google+.

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