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Skate Great, Yuto Kojima, Spreading Positive Vibrations

SkateboardingJapan.com interviews Yuto Kojima on Go Skateboarding Day, 2014

At the age of 14, Yuto Kojima started skating through the congested concrete jungle that is Nagoya, Japan. One of the things that bothered Yuto about his hometown was the fact that it is mostly flat ground, he felt he couldn’t let his creativity shine.

Despite the disapproval of his parents, who would prefer that he stick to his school work, Yuto aspired to take the road less traveled. In 2007 he moved to Los Angeles, California on a mission to pursue skateboarding. The number of experienced skaters and famous skate spots in the US helped Yuto to grow.

In the time that Yuto has been here, he has kept his focus and taken his skateboarding to the next level. He’s got a mean bag of tricks and loves to skate stairs and ledges. Yuto is also a big fan of Devine Calloway and the style he brings to the sport.

After garnering sponsorships from some major companies in the skate world (Grizzly, Diamond, IFO Skateboards, Skate Sauce, Andale Bearings, Bliss Wheel Co, Quintinco, and Murasaki Sports), Yuto is constantly busy. He recently moved back to Japan and we decided to reach out and see what he has been up to on the other side of the world.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not skating?
A. Mostly watch skating videos. There is so much stuff on online nowadays! And playing Call of Duty or shooting some photos.

Q. Who is one of your closest skating buddies now?
A. Hiroyuki Matsuo, he’s the man! I’m always with him skating, filming and hanging out.

Q. If someone gave you a million dollars but the deal was that you wouldn’t be able to skate anymore would you take the money or hit them in the face with your skateboard?
A. Oh, def’ smash ’em! There is nothing better than skateboarding. If I don’t skate, I can’t imagine how I [would be here] right now?

Q. What was the craziest injury you’ve ever recovered from?
A. I never had [a serious] injury before…[I have] missed a trick and kinda hit my head on the ground…[when I] stood up [and wiped my head] and got ready for my next try I saw both of my hands were all red. I think I hit a little rock and started bleeding…that scared the shit out of me for a second. I kept skating for a couple of hours after that though!

Q. What do you think is the most positive element of your skateboarding as a sport or industry and how has it has had a positive affect on the direction of your life?
A. Hmmm this feeling when I’m skating? Can’t really explain it, but it makes me smile! Does that make sense? I skateboard because I live it and that makes me smile every time. That makes other people smile and that makes me happier. l do it for the love. Skateboarding makes me more creative. I think of how [a trick] happens or how I could make it better when I’m learning tricks. Skateboarding is, I feel, one of the arts that you can do to show people who you are.

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