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    AUG 07 2019



    Rastaclat: Tell us who you are and how your journey inspired your passion.

    Tanner: My name is Tanner Pratt, I am 21 years old, and I was born and raised in Colorado. I love anything involving creativity, photography being what I am most drawn to. My photography journey started just over 2 years ago now, but looking back I have always had an interest. From my little Kodak point and shoot to my mom being a photographer as well I’ve always been around a camera. I can remember sitting for hours at a time looking through old photos from family trips, even photos from before my time. I was always so fascinated by the story behind each image and loved being able to be reminded of those times from which the photo was taken. I’m still fascinated with that, and that’s a huge reason why I love photography. I want a way to capture and document my life and the people in it, it’s a way to look back on moments throughout my life and remember some of the best times.

    Rastaclat: What drives you?

    Tanner: I am driven to create as many experiences as I possibly can in my lifetime, I want no regrets when this is all done. I want to meet as many people as I can, I want to travel to as many places as I can, I want to try everything I have even a slight interest in because all of this brings the best experiences in life, at least in my opinion to this point. I used to shy away from some opportunities because I was either nervous or doubting the outcome before it ever happened, if I now go into something feeling nervous it pushes me to go all in because I’ve experienced the best moments ever from doing so. My goal every day is to add moments that in the end will create the best life I could have ever imagined, and I’m very happy with where it’s headed so far. 

    Rastaclat: What are you most proud of?

    Tanner: I’m proud of my myself for starting, for not over thinking things and doubting myself before I even gave this all a chance. I just went for it, I had no idea how to shoot in manual settings, but I found a way to learn. I had no idea how to edit a photo, but I figured it out. I had no clue how to do a lot of things when I first started but I didn’t care I just wanted to learn everything anyway, and if I was to go back I wouldn’t change a thing. Through trial and error I’ve learned a lot and I still feel like I’m just getting started. I think it can be easy sometimes to compare our level 1 to others level 10. We all start on level 1 and that’s the best part, working through each level is where you find who you truly are and what you’re about. I’ll always be grateful for starting and never looking back.

    Rastaclat: What inspires you?

    Tanner: I’ve been lucky to have some amazing opportunities to meet some amazing people, and become friends with these people. I have a friend who has ran the rim of the Grand Canyon, another is creating an app, many traveling the world and creating incredible things, this is all so inspiring and cool to me. Seeing all this makes me want to push myself to create and do cool things like them. I love seeing people I know succeed because I know the work they put in to achieve it, and even people I don’t know, it just makes me happy to see because everyone wants to succeed in some way and in seeing it I sit back and think good for you, you earned it.

    Rastaclat: What activity makes you happiest?

    Tanner: I really do find myself happiest when I’m out shooting, whether it be landscape or product photography, I love all things involved. I love to be outside, be creative and travel, all 3 of which I have done and can do with photography. That helped me realize this is definitely something I want build a career from, it’s something I’ll put everything into. I never get tired of learning new angles to it and I think that’s what has kept be interested for so long now, Photography has endless possibilities and it’s fun to always keep learning. I’ll add being with loved ones is another thing that makes me happiest. They’re always showing support in all of this and I’m incredibly grateful for that. No matter what they can make a bad day great, every time.

    Rastaclat: What local places spark your creativity?

    Tanner: I live in a smaller town so majority of activities involve the outdoors, which is great! Head east you find yourself on the Grand Mesa, known as the world’s largest flat top mountain.  Head west and you find yourself in Moab Utah, one of my favorite places I’ve visited so far. Moab being home to Arches National Park it offers a completely different landscape and climate. I’ve always wanted to get up early and catch the sunrise on the Grand Mesa and then catch the sunset in Moab. It is easy to spark creativity when you have two very different places to go in each direction, it keeps things fresh and new.

    Rastaclat: What’s your routine look like on your most productive days?

    Tanner: I am addicted to being in flow, or as some call it in the zone. My most productive days are when I find myself in that flow state of mind, I go all in on what is in front of me and I lose track of time sometimes because I’m so focused on what I’m working on. Reading is something I can find flow in, I find it best early in the morning so that where I start the day. I find a zone in writing also, that’s what I usually follow with. I just let whatever comes to mind out on paper and it’s an awesome way to find new ideas. Then usually I like to workout or exercise, as we all know this releases endorphins which helps put the mind in a happy place. Which of course is always a positive. That is usually what my morning consist of, for the afternoon I focus a lot more on the photography side with shooting and editing. Early afternoon with the sun still pretty harsh for outdoor shooting I like to stick inside and work in a studio environment, I shoot a lot of product and close up shots here. In the evening is when I head outside to get more landscape and natural light shots, it’s a fun mix to do both and practice what goes into each. Being outside and finding some fresh air is a great day to end the day. All of these things bring that flow state of mind and when I’m in that mindset I feel most productive and when I feel productive I feel the best.

    Rastaclat: What’s something you do to find balance?

    Tanner: I try to do a few things but something that’s really stuck with me is taking some time everyday to sit down and write, and literally write whatever comes to mind. It’s a cool way to reflect on some things. Life can move really fast, we’re always looking to the future and making new goals for ourselves and that’s all amazing but, at least from personal experience I know I can forget where all of this started. If you give yourself some time to reflect everyday Ive noticed that goals I had set for myself years ago have been achieved, I have been able to do some really incredible things that I would have never guessed would happen, and I’m enjoying each step of the journey. Realizing all of this in return really excites me for the future, I can see that I’ve grown and that you can achieve a lot when you put your mind to it.

    A selection of Tanner's winning clatagropher submissions