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The PRIDE Vibe Board

vibe board



A word we hold close to heart here at RASTACLAT. It’s not only a noun but also an outlook on life that we strive to uphold as a brand.

Our mission from day one has always been plain and simple, Spreading Positive Vibrations and inspiring others to be a righteous soul.

As time passes our support system has become so glued to these concepts and we can see these values spread through our Clatlifers all over world. From this abundance of awesome feedback from our extended family, all we can say is THANK YOU and we are extremely grateful!

We have received countless of thank you letters, snapshots of Rastaclat tattoos, and hand drawn masterpieces of the logo; along with thousands of amazing imagery we had no choice but to start the Rastaclat Vibe Board in our office. The Vibe Board is a reminder of how far our Clatlife family extends and the support inspires us to keep moving forward Spreading Positive Vibrations and continuing to build the Rastaclat Movement.

For us, The PRIDE also has a deeper meaning. This is how we define it at Rastaclat:

Join The Pride

We appreciate everyone who has stood behind Rastaclat and the core values of Seeking The Positive. It’s truly a blessing to have a worldwide support system to help us change the world one positive vibe at a time.

From the entire team here at RASTACLAT,

Thank you so much for runnin’ with The Pride.


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