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The much anticipated new releases of the Rastaclat Summer line are finally here set to be released at 12AM PST 7/19/12.

The new releases feature never done before printed bracelets as the “Elephant” in the jordan cement print, and the “Camo” in that army camouflage print. We also introduce signature series bracelet for our favorite skateboarder Manny Santiago, that is made to compliment his 1st pro shoe with Axion Footwear called the Mijo. We take yall back to the future sneaker inspired bracelet called the “McFly.” Lastly the “Nightcrawler” has that kick that will be sure to get you noticed in any concrete jungle” Hope you enjoy it, get yours before they sell out!


Elephant: This Rastaclat is patterned to represent the greatest of all time, his Airness. You too can be great because this Rastaclat bracelet will leave you feeling like the elephant any room. Closing with the black accents with blood red print will evoke that killer instinct and keep you winning.


Camo: Chuck Norris tested and John Rambo approved. Need we say more? Stealth camo lace with gunmetal hardware. Go commando!


MSA: Manny. Slays. All. Thatモ€™s all you got to know. This Rastaclat x MSA mash-up celebrates our friend Manny Santiagoモ€™s signature skateboard shoe debut. Red with white accents and silver hardware, this Rastaclat will make you slay just as hard as Manny! Well almost


McFly: Get laced up and grab your hoverboard! This Rastaclat is straight from 2015! Lunar grey and Nuclear Blue lace with Unobtainium hardware. Youモ€™ll be going where you donモ€™t need roads and looking McFly while youモ€™re doing it!


Nightcrawler: モ€ㅓI creep and I crawl モ€“ And I creep and I crawl – And I creep and crawl モ€“ Creep モ€“ Creep!モ€ゝ You know Eazy E would be creepin and crawlin in the Nightcrawler! Black with neon green accents and color match tubing. They wonモ€™t see you coming until the last second!

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