Clatlife Spotlight: Theo Croker Photoshoot

Rastaclat ambassador, Theo Croker, recently did a new photoshoot and wanted to share some images with the rest of The Pride.

“The inspiration behind the styles for the shoot were about colors. Showing the power of colors. Trying to paint a visual picture of what my music represents. High positive vibrations expressed through vivid colors!”

Make sure to check out Theo and his band, Dvrk Funk, in the links below. #SEEKTHEPOSITIVE

Photo Credit: Bryant Norman / The Nine Studios

Follow the “Jazz and Beyond” playlist below to hear Theo and artists like Hiatus Kaiyote and Flying Lotus perform Jazz and Jazz-ish jams.

Vibe with Theo Croker at:
Twitter: @theocroker
Instagram: @theocroker

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