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Zodiac Collection
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Zodiac Bracelets

Rastaclat Zodiac Bracelets

A special collection of bracelets designed for each of the twelve zodiac signs.

Represent Your Zodiac Sign

The collection consists of twelve bracelets representing each of the zodiac signs. Each signature braided style features a unique hue along with a newly designed circular barrel showcasing the astrological sign. Every zodiac sign also belongs to one of the four elements—air, fire, water and air—and each of these elements represent a type of energy within us.

The perfect birthday gift (or anytime gift) for yourself or others, Rastaclat’s zodiac bracelets create a personal connection between a person and the space around them. Wear your zodiac bracelet to remind yourself to stay true to who you are and to trust in your instincts.

Seek the Positive with Rastaclat Zodiac Bracelets

Rastaclat is a company that was built on one concept: positivity. Their product assortment is centered around the idea of doing good for yourself and others, as well as bringing positive change into the world by uniting us as human beings. Every collection acts as the perfect canvas to bring awareness to the positive values you’re passionate about as well as add style to any look.

Rastaclat puts their values into practice through the Seek the Positive Foundation, donating 1% of net proceeds from every sale towards worthy causes centered around equality and personal development.