Go Skateboarding Day

We teamed up with the Harold Hunter Foundation to support Harold Hunter Day, an annual event that brings skateboarders together in celebration of Harold Hunter’s legacy and impact on the community. We gifted gear with our ‘Thank You Skateboarding’ message to support the weekend long initiatives. Go skate today!

Harold Hunter was a groundbreaking figure in the skateboarding community, known not just for his skating ability but also for his personality and contributions to the scene. Born in New York City on April 2, 1974, Hunter grew up in the Lower East Side and began skateboarding in his early teens. With his undeniable talent and charisma, he quickly gained recognition in the city's burgeoning skate scene.

Hunter's big break came in 1989 when he caught the attention of Zoo York, a well-known East Coast skateboard company. As one of their original team members, he helped to put East Coast skateboarding on the map. This led to his feature in Larry Clark's controversial 1995 film "Kids", which captured the lives of New York City teenagers. The film brought Hunter and the NYC skate scene into the international spotlight.

Throughout his career, Hunter was a prominent figure in skateboarding, known for his powerful skating and dynamic style. He appeared in numerous skateboard videos, including Zoo York's "Mixtape" series, and competed in skateboarding competitions around the world. Despite his success, he always remained true to his roots, often returning to his hometown to skate and mentor young skaters.

Beyond his skating career, Hunter was known for his larger-than-life personality. His infectious energy and good-natured humor made him a beloved figure within and outside the skate community. His untimely death in 2006 was a major loss to the world of skateboarding.

Hunter's legacy continues to live on in multiple ways. The Harold Hunter Foundation was established in his memory to provide resources and opportunities to NYC youth interested in skateboarding. His life and career have had a significant impact on skateboarding culture, demonstrating the potential for the sport to provide community, purpose, and opportunity. Hunter's journey from the streets of New York City to international fame underscores the inclusive and transformative power of skateboarding.