Need to Know: MLB Bracelets

Baseball is back on April 1st, and you know what that means… it’s time to rep your favorite team with our MLB bracelets for both your favorite teams and players. With both infield and outfield styles as well as braided and knotted options for each team, there is something for everyone.

Each MLB bracelet reps the team’s colors and logo on the barrel and aglets. We also have MLB bracelets for players that have the team’s color, player number and team logo. Each MLB bracelet comes with an exclusive header card.

All 30 teams will be in rotation this season and it’s back to regular scheduled programming (meaning not the abbreviated 2020 Covid schedule that was put in place).

There are some rule changes taking effect this year though, like roster size. It’s increasing from 26 to 28 players and there is now no limit to how many pitchers can be on a team’s roster.

Teams may also bring a “Taxi Squad” of up to 5 players on all road trips, just in case they need reinforcements in the event of injury or covid-related changes.

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