As a Rastaclat Buyer, you will benefit from the fame and inherent value signified by the Rastaclat brand name and our various product trademarks. In addition to being under agreement to use Rastaclat trademarks properly, it is in your best interest to assist in protecting the Rastaclat marks by using them properly in all advertising and promotional materials.

The following guidelines must be followed when using all trademarks owned by Rastaclat. These guidelines are in addition to those provided for print advertising of a particular product:

  • Buyer shall not use or register any Internet domain name containing any Intellectual Property, and shall submit to Rastaclat for approval in advance true and complete copies of all World Wide Web pages which contain or refer to any Intellectual Property, and shall not use such Intellectual Property on its website without such prior approval.
  • Buyer shall not, without express written permission from Rastaclat, purchase Rastaclat Intellectual Property through Google’s and Yahoo’s Adwords programs and/or other web service providers’ similar programs.
  • The marks must be reproduced exactly from camera ready artwork provided by Rastaclat.
  • If the Rastaclat logo appears on the Buyer’s stationery or business cards, the words “Authorized Retailer” must follow it. This can be accomplished by using the “Rastaclat Authorized Retailer” artwork provided by Rastaclat.
  • There must be no confusion with which entity the customer is dealing. The Buyer’s name must be the most prominent name on the page. The Rastaclat logo may not be the only source identifier on the page. The Rastaclat logo trademark may not appear at the top of the page.
  • The Rastaclat logo trademark must not be used in combination with another company mark in such a manner that the marks appear to be joined or associated in any way. Ample space must appear between the two marks to distinguish them as separate entities.
  • The Rastaclat logo trademark or any Rastaclat product mark may not be used in a way that will dilute or diminish its value to Rastaclat, such as on others’ products or in any non-approved form.
  • Any use of any Rastaclat mark on a web page must adhere to these guidelines.
  • A superscript indicating a registered trademark (®) or trademark (TM) or service mark (SM) symbol must appear next to all marks in all printed literature. It is critical to adhere to these regulations, as this helps ensure proper legal protection and helps prevent infringement of these legal rights. Please check with your Rastaclat representative for proper trademark superscript designation.
  • The registered trademark (®) or trademark (TM) or service mark (SM) symbol must appear as a superscript following the appropriate mark on the first most prominent use on each page of a piece. All marks must be capitalized, italicized, or bolded or otherwise treated with prominence.
  • Any use of a Rastaclat trademark which is not addressed in the guidelines set forth herein, must be approved by Rastaclat prior to its use. Submittals for approval should be faxed to the attention of your Rastaclat representative.