If you have received notification that your order has been delivered, but you are unable to locate it we ask that you wait up to 48 business hours before reaching out. It is likely the courier service may have scanned the package as “delivered” during the transfer of the package from their facility to their trucks.

If you are still unable to locate your order after 48 business hours, you will need to contact the courier and file a claim for your missing package. For international orders, if your tracking page shows that your order had been handed off to your local delivery postal service, then you will need to reach out to them for more information. 

*Rastaclat is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages that show delivered by our couriers. 


Route Shipping Insurance

For orders insured with Route Shipping Insurance- Route ensures protection of customers' shipment in case of lost, stolen, or damaged.  If your order was lost in-transit or was stolen upon delivery, please proceed with filing your claim here.

Lost Orders

  • An order is considered lost if tracking never confirms package status as "delivered"
  • If tracking shows no movement or looks to be stuck after exceeding the appropriate amount of shipping days, then orders may be considered lost and a claim can be made

How many days following the last tracking update should I file my claim?

  • Domestic orders - 7 days
  • International orders - 20 days 

Claims for orders lost in-transit must be filed no later than 30 days from the last available tracking update.

Stolen Orders

  • An order is considered stolen if tracking confirms package status as "delivered," but not received
  • Route asks that you wait 5 days from the day your package was marked delivered before reaching out and filing your claim

Claims for stolen orders must be filed within 15 days from the date your package was marked delivered.

Visit routeapp.io to learn more.