We brought back a few of your favorite tees and hats + an assortment of brand-new styles that promote positivity. Previously sold-out styles are back, like our Seek The Positive and Stained Glass Tees, along with our best-selling Seek the Positive Hat and Peace Cap in a new color.

New to the mix are the Create Change Tee, Positivity Tee and Growth Tee. These tees act as a larger canvas to spread positivity to yourself and those around you.

Also brand new is the introduction of the Mane Tee, Mane Hat, Mane Beanie and Mane pin, all featuring our lion head logo. Lions are one of the only animals in the cat family that form packs and stick together. Because community is at the forefront of all that we do, the lion head logo serves as our connection to our Rastaclat community.

Plus, we added a new sticker pack and a Seek the Positive tote so you can bring your positivity with you wherever you go.

Ok, time to shop.