Cultivating Positivity: How to Live a Purposeful Life

The Ultimate Guide to Purposeful Living

How do you spend your day? Wake up, go to work, make dinner, watch television, go to sleep. If that’s your routine, you’re likely bored of the monotony. If all you’re doing is living for the weekend, you’re not living a purposeful life.

Starting the journey to a more purposeful life begins by breaking the chains of monotony. Purposeful living isn’t just a slogan you find on a t-shirt or promoted on social media by influencers and celebrities. It’s a way of life, and finding a way to be purposeful in what you do today can transform your future.

Ready to learn more about purposeful living? Let’s jump in and begin changing your life.

What is a Purposeful Life?

When we talk about living a fulfilling and purposeful life, what do we mean? The purposeful life meaning can be attained by using your unique talents to contribute toward a cause close to your heart, while building the fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of.

While that’s a pretty general summary, the purposeful life can be broken down even further:

  • Using Your Unique Talents – The ability to do something doesn’t mean anything if you don’t enjoy it. To live a purposeful life, you’ve got to find the passion inside yourself.
  • Contribute to a Cause – What do you care about? It doesn’t have to be a charitable cause. What matters is that you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself. It could be feeding the homeless or fighting climate change. Think about what matters to you and find ways to pursue it.
  • Build the Life You Love – Dream big. Dream about the life you’ve always wanted. Work on getting out of bed with a smile on your face. Look for meaning and look for a life that’ll make you happy for years to come.

Everyone’s definition of a life filled with purpose will differ. Some people want to hit the big time professionally. Others simply want to build a family and enjoy quality time with loved ones. There are no right or wrong answers here. Reflect on what you consider to be a purposeful life.

How to Live a Purposeful Life

Living a purposeful life begins with you. Take the first steps toward purposeful living, and you’ll be amazed at just how your day-to-day existence will change.

It’s a tough mountain to climb, but everyone is capable of standing atop the summit. Ready to build your purposeful life? Let’s get started.

Live in the Present

Chances are you’ve heard this saying. This is another of those quotes people like to preach but don’t often actually practice in their day-to-day lives.

One way to approach this practice is by understanding how your past brought you to where you are today, and that your future is in your hands but it’s not fully under your control. You should only focus on the things you have control over. Becoming obsessed with either your past or future isn’t healthy and won’t lead to anything but negativities.

Existing fully in the present is at the heart of a life lived with purpose. Don’t label everything as good or bad. Label everything as an experience and take it as it is. All experiences teach us something new, and accepting that knowledge allows us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Concentrate on One Thing

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to constantly worry over this task or that responsibility. No matter what anyone says, multitasking reduces our efficiency. Stop spreading your physical, mental, and spiritual resources thin. Focus on one thing at a time and build off each one.

When we focus on one thing, we complete it, take satisfaction in having accomplished something, and move on to the next thing. You’re much more able to enjoy the wonderment of life’s tapestry because you’ll notice those small accomplishments more than if you’re juggling too many things at once.

Cultivate Positive Emotions

Positive emotions range from happiness to love to gratitude. Work on noticing and appreciating your positive emotions and emitting good vibes throughout the day. Whether you choose to be positive or negative impacts your mood and how you interact with others.

Mindfulness, yoga, and journaling are just a few ways to acknowledge and healthily express your emotions. It takes time to cultivate a well of positivity, but you’ll be shocked at how your demeanor changes over time.

Wear Positivity on Your Wrist

Positivity wristbands are all about spreading good vibes. They’re a physical reminder of your commitment to building the purposeful life of your dreams. This bracelet helps you absorb and acknowledge positive feelings, allowing you to identify triggers and patterns in your life. For example, whenever you notice a positive feeling, move the bracelet to your other wrist (or touch it or whatever cue you decide on). This will help you notice and appreciate how great you feel at that moment. Not only does a positivity bracelet cultivate good vibes, it helps you live in the moment as well. These regular reminders of what’s important to you can help you stay centered and align your life with your purpose.

Reclaim control of your own thoughts and invest in a positivity bracelet that builds healthy habits and helps you express yourself.

Empower Others

Jealousy, envy, and selfishness are worn not just on the face but on the soul. One of the most significant advantages of purposeful living is using your strengths and skills to empower others within your community. Generating the self-awareness and personal strength to pass on your skills and help others comes from a kindness deep within the soul. Living a purposeful life creates an empowerment cycle, inspiring others to do the same.

Living a fulfilling and purposeful life is not about being happy and positive all the time. It’s about harnessing the strength of the human spirit and sharing it with others. When you help others, it all comes back in good karma, and thus the cycle continues.

Be Content

The modern world doesn’t lend itself well to contentment. You’re always told to reach for that next level. Money, success, power are all things that society tells you that you should never be satisfied with.

Ambition is important, but an inability to be content means you’re forever surrounded by toxicity. Break the wheel of discontent that spins on and on and learn the value of contentment. You can do this by creating a new habit of regularly taking a step back to think about what you’re thankful for. Gratitude is the core of contentment, so learn to practice gratitude in your daily life.

Acknowledge What Matters to You

A life defined by meaning and purpose requires you to care about what you’re doing. For example, you’ve likely heard about people who turn down a higher-paying job because it doesn’t align with their values or their passion. Those are people who have truly found their purpose.

What matters to you doesn’t have to be something heroic like joining a volunteer organization or saving the rainforest. It could be as simple as making great music for others to enjoy or raising your children with unconditional love and support. Take the time to think about the causes that matter to you and pursue them.

Make Changes Today, Not Tomorrow

Self-reflection is essential, but don’t let it cross over into procrastination. Begin making the changes you need to make now, not later. Don’t put off transforming your life. It’s so easy to forget that life is passing you by. If you’re the type of person who has always thought about making changes later, that’s the behavior you need to alter. For example, how long have you been thinking about building a purposeful life? Probably more than a couple of days. So stop waiting and get started!

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