15 Astrology Gifts for Any Zodiac Sign

15 Astrology Gifts for Any Zodiac Sign

Sometimes it feels like our relationships with people were written in the stars. Much of someone’s personality, behavior, and outlook on life tie back to the sign they were born under and the natural element that represents them. So why not thank the universe for bringing you together and give your loved one a special astrology birthday gift?

When it comes to astrology gifts that are sure to put a smile on their face, Rastaclat has you covered. Create a deeper, more meaningful connection with these unique gifts for astrology lovers.

The 15 Best Astrology Gifts for the Stargazer in Your Life

Whether you are searching for meaningful zodiac sign gifts or browsing fun zodiac things to treat yourself with, there are many astrology-themed gifts to choose from.

The best astrology gifts are those that mean something. Check out these 15 astrology lover gifts that are sure to communicate your appreciation.

1. Minimalist Zodiac Wall Art

Every sign has something special, so why not remind them of that everytime they look at a piece of art in their home? Artwork has the power to define someone’s living space and to help them express who they are. Search for minimalist zodiac wall art in the sign of a friend or family member. With so many creators to choose from, it’s also an opportunity to support a local artist.

Some stores will even let you customize your wall art online. Drag-and-drop different elements, or even commission an artist to make something truly one-of-a-kind. Whatever you do, you’re sure to brighten up your loved one’s home.

2. Zodiac Portable Coffee Cups

Do you know someone who likes to read their daily horoscope while reading the morning paper? Get them a gift they’ll appreciate, and help save the planet with decorated zodiac portable coffee cups. These reusable coffee cups can be carried on the go and brought into any favorite café or coffee shop for a refill. When it comes to astrology stuff that’s both stylish and practical, this gift is win-win.

3. Zodiac Bracelets

Wear your heart (or should we say, your sign) on your sleeve with Rastaclat’s zodiac bracelets. Each bracelet is available in the color of your birthstone or natural element. All bracelets are tastefully decorated with your zodiac sign.

Add a touch of color and deepen your connection to the stars with these stylish accessories. Check out our zodiac bracelets collection now for the latest Rastaclat offerings.

4. Zodiac Aromatherapy Candles

If you’re looking for classic and timeless astrology birthday gifts, one of the most popular zodiac gifts is an aromatherapy candle. Fragrances have the power to completely transform the way a person feels and even trigger fond memories held close to the heart. Help your loved one wind down and relax with an aromatherapy candle at the end of a hard day.

Pair an aromatherapy candle with a zodiac theme. It could even include fragments of their birthstones for an extra personal touch.

5. Zodiac Sign Keychain

When it comes to trinkets and small zodiac things like a key chain, it’s all about personalization. Send good vibes to a friend or family member with a keychain decorated with their zodiac signs. A keychain may feel like a cheap trinket without any real thought, but it can also be an incredibly thoughtful gift that’s sure to make them think of you every day.

6. Horoscope Perfume

Every sign under the sun is unique, adorned with one-of-a-kind characteristics. Little do people know that it also includes a particular fragrance. Every sign has its own unique fragrance, from citrus for the Leo and fruity for the Libra to sweet jasmine for the Taurus.

Gift a perfume embodying their star sign. It can be tricky to buy astrology gifts of this nature, but travel-sized options are available to test.

7. Astrology Books

Most people know they have a star sign, but how much do they really know about it beyond the basics? Choose an astrology book that can fit on a loved one’s coffee table. Empower them to explore the ancient art of astrology and everything it entails. A book is one of the most thoughtful options available when it comes to practical astrology gifts.

8. Zodiac Necklaces

Horoscope gifts are all about appreciation and expression. Show how much you care for your loved one with an elegant piece of jewelry designed just for them. Zodiac necklaces carry a person’s personal star sign clasped with gold, silver, or even platinum. If you want to opt for something a little different, you may even decide to purchase a necklace with a person’s birthstone.

Every sign has its semi-precious stone, so it doesn’t have to break the bank. For example, Aries represents the bloodstone, and Gemini opts for an agate. Don’t worry, there are both ancient and traditional stones to choose from, so there are plenty of options available.

9. Tarot Deck

The will of the cards is closely entwined with the stars and the planets. Help them learn how to read their future with the tarot deck. Tarot cards alone are works of art, with every artist opting for a different style in their cards. Match the style with the person you’re buying it for.

You can also spend hours of fun giving each other readings and spending quality time together. Who knows what lies ahead?

10. Custom Star Map

A person’s birth chart is a big deal in astrology. From the moment you were born., the stars and the planets were orientated in a specific way. At that exact point in time, your story began.

Write the first chapter of your life among the stars with a customized star map. It’s a highly personalized gift that can serve as a remarkable piece of bedroom art.

All you need to do is find out when your friend’s birthday was, and you’re good to go. Many companies offer custom star maps in several styles and colors, so take your time.

11. Zodiac Wine Glass Set

If your friend or family member loves to read their horoscope over a nice glass of wine in the evening, take the standard wine glass to the next level with a zodiac set sure to be proudly displayed in any home.

Wine glass sets come in colors that match each sign and can be customized with special messages. There are even lines of zodiac wine that include all the fruity flavors and aromas representative of every sign.

12. Constellation Clothing

Help a friend or family member bring forth their star sign in style. Constellation clothing can include anything from t-shirts to sweaters to scarves featuring the exact constellation of their star sign. There are minimalist designs out there as well as bold and splashy styles, so you’re sure to find one that matches their personality.

13. Cosmic Cocktail Recipes

Compatibility is everything in astrology, and the same applies with cocktails. Why not show your loved one how compatible you are with a cocktail recipe book so you can enjoy delicious drinks together after a long week?

Recipe books are available for groups of star squads that want to get together to enjoy a cold drink on a Friday night. For example, Capricorns may want to try an Old Fashioned, whereas Libras may be more suited to a French 75. Experiment and learn how to mix, shake, and stir all in one.

14. Constellation Bags

If you opted for an astrology bracelet, pair it with a constellation bag for an extra thoughtful astrology gift. These bags are designed to match the beauty of the night sky, with your loved one’s constellation front and center. Whether they want to use an embroidered constellation bag for makeup or just some odds and ends, this is a fun yet practical gift.

15. Celestial Desk Mats

With working from home becoming the new normal for many, spruce up their home office with a celestial desk mat. Each mat is the perfect way to upgrade a boring desk, bringing peace and tranquility to their working days. You can even customize celestial desk mats, allowing you to go the extra mile for that special someone in your life.

Give the Gift of Positivity with Rastaclat

Spreading positivity and cultivating self-expression is what Rastaclat is all about. Whether you know someone obsessed with their horoscope or just loves a good tarot card reading, there’s a gift for them.

Find the perfect gift with Rastaclat that gives back. To see the latest selection of zodiac sign bracelets, browse our collection now.