A Skateboarding Dream Come True

Memphis Lafferty, a quadruple amputee, had a dream to skate at The Berrics, a famous Los Angeles skatepark, and see all of his favorite skaters roll through as well. When we heard about the trending hashtag #GetMemphisToTheBerrics, we decided to take action and turn his dream into reality.

As a brand that advocates for equality and spreading the message of seeking the positive, his story really resonated with us.

“The first time I heard about Memphis,” says Daniel Kasidi, CEO and Founder of Rastaclat, “it was just amazing to hear what his story was and what he’s had to overcome and endure to be where he’s at today. We thought about how we could contribute, and it just all happened really organically. It’s inspiring—not only Memphis’ story—but his dad’s story as well and how he inspired him to just, be. He’s such an inspiration and he has such a positive mindset, it just exudes out of him.”

Check out the video to see more of Memphis’ story and his skateboarding dream coming true at The Berrics.