Rastaclat x Peak

We are proud to announce our just-launched collaboration with Peak, a China-based sneaker company that is paving the way with technology and quality designs. The new bracelet and sneaker set is inspired by the lightweight nature and shape of clouds, feeling the infinite possibility and freedom that comes with it.

The bracelet and sneaker are designed in a sky-blue hue with a cloud-like pattern and RASTACLAT X PEAK logos on both pieces. The signature braided bracelet plays off the vibe with dark blue tassels, an attached ‘SEEK THE POSITIVE’ woven label through the middle and even cloud-shaped hardware to finish the look.

The sneaker features a rolling cloud-shaped midsole designed in collaboration with artificial intelligence, resulting in a sneaker that takes you from daily commute to street sports and beyond.

It’s a set that reminds you to keep you head in the clouds (metaphorically speaking) and your feet on the ground.