The Star Gazer’s Guide to Zodiac Sign Jewelry for Men and Women

Your horoscope can tell you everything from when you’re going to meet your soulmate to where you should go on vacation. Your astrological sign is a representation of who you are, and the signs of the zodiac are whimsical and full of flair. Who wouldn’t want to show off their zodiac sign?

Zodiac sign jewelry has never been more stylish than it is today, but there’s so much zodiac sign jewelry for men and women out there that it can be hard to know where to start. You can consult a zodiac sign jewelry chart for help, but we’ve put together this quick idea list for instant inspiration.

From a silver zodiac ring to a unique zodiac bracelet charm, let’s discuss the best options for each zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign Jewelry for Men and Women

If you don’t know whether wearing gold and silver together with astrology signs is acceptable, or you’re new to the zodiac and want to learn more, here are some great ideas for zodiac-themed jewelry.


Aries is ambitious and portrayed in the form of a ram. Aries is also brave, playful, and willing to stand up against any challenge. They are high-energy and full of fun, with a passion for starting new projects and going on adventures. Consider a nameplate necklace, constellation earrings, or a beautiful Aries Rastaclat bracelet – bright and fiery, just like an Aries (men’s version here).


Tauruses are known for being headstrong, dependable, and diligent. A Taurus isn’t afraid of a little hard work, so they’re often the rock that supports other signs when they need someone to lean on. They embody strength and kindness.

Such characteristics call for something timeless and traditional. Elegant necklaces, delicate rings, or a vintage charm are excellent pieces for representing the Taurus in your life. Rastaclat offers stylish Taurus bracelets for both men and women, representing their power with a little added flair.


Geminis are intelligent, extroverted, and have an uncanny ability to adapt to any situation. Represented by the twins, a zodiac ring, silver bracelets that can be stacked on the wrist, or layered pendant necklaces are an excellent option. Minimalistic jewelry also suits the Gemini.

Whether you want to try a charm accented by gemstones or a simple yet colorful Gemini Rastaclat, you’ve got plenty of options if born under the twins (women’s version here).


If you know someone born in those warm summer months, you need a ruby ring, stone bracelet, zodiac crab symbol, or some other delicate piece that truly suits the Cancer.

Cancers are sensitive, in touch with what’s happening around them, and caring. These are the partners who will stick with you through anything. Simple necklaces, linked bracelets, or sentimental charm bracelets are ideal for Cancers. Check out this men’s Cancer bracelet, as well as this version for women.


Leos are the natural-born leaders of the world. Represented by the lion, Leos are confident, driven, and passionate. Imbued with the fire sign, search for something bright and striking just like them.

A bright zodiac ring, bracelet (stone-encrusted for some added flair), or an emblem necklace will always be well-received by the lions in your pride. Check out this bright and bold Leo bracelet for her and for him.


Describing a Virgo is simple enough. If you know someone kind, humble, and always practical, you’ve got a trusted friend in a Virgo. Humble and self-industrious, these kind and reliable friends will always be there for you.

Any jewelry depicting the maiden zodiac symbol, like a charm or signet ring, is an excellent option. You can also opt for an elegant and minimalistic option, such as a colorful Virgo bracelet (men’s version here).


Libras are often considered the friendliest of all the zodiac signs, thanks to their easy, social and empathetic nature. If you need a friend you can rely on to keep you in balance, Libras are there for you. Represented by scales, Libras are the most balanced of all the signs.

Signify the traits of peace, harmony, and balance with a stackable ring set or luxe charm. You might also want to search for something with an opal, the Libra’s birthstone. This purple Libra bracelet represents balance and harmony (men’s version here).


Scorpios are the most difficult to understand, but worth the work! They’re mysterious and bold yet always appear to be tantalizingly out of reach. Scorpios are passionate and creative, making hand-made bracelets and chunky rings the ideal pieces to express their artistic side. This blue Scorpio bracelet will represent his unique personality perfectly, with a similar version for her.


A Sagittarius is characterized by spontaneity. They’re full of humor and always searching for that next great adventure. If you’re friends with a Sagittarius, you know their jewelry needs to be durable!

Choose zodiac stone bracelets, rings featuring carved iconography, or something with a tarot-inspired design for a fun way of giving a unique gift. As a rule, look for something that contains the archer, the sign of Sagittarius. An excellent option is the braided Sagittarius Rastaclat bracelet, which incorporates the arrow symbol and is framed by bright, bold colors designed to stand out in a crowd (women’s version here).


The Capricorn style is dexterous, ambitious, and disciplined. Opt for a talismanic pendant, a Keishi pearl ring, or a layered letter necklace. You may also want to consider a constellation earring or a stylish braided Capricorn bracelet (men’s version here).


People under the Aquarius sign are known for their self-reliance and immense intelligence. They’re always optimistic and brighten up every room they walk into. Search for a zodiac ring, bracelet stone or constellation earrings that lets them light up that room. This delicate and unique woven Water Bearer bracelet symbolizes the gentle and complex nature of an Aquarius (men’s version here).


Creativity and graciousness are what Pisces is all about. Anything that depicts a fish is always a fantastic option for zodiac sign jewelry for men and women. These emotionally sensitive individuals love to wear their souls in the open.

Consider a Pisces bracelet (for her and for him) containing the traditional astrological sign. It’s bright, blue, and creates a natural focal point on the wrist.

Embrace the Zodiac with Rastaclat

Radiate good vibes and seek the positive in every aspect of your life. Nothing tells the story of a person’s origins and passions like zodiac jewelry.

Give the gift of the zodiac with a selection of unique bracelets dedicated to each sign. For the perfect design to match personality and lifestyle while giving back, check out Rastaclat’s collection of zodiac bracelets today.