Sagittarius - Small/Medium

Women's Braided Bracelet

Available in Medium/Large


Born between November 22–December 21, Sagittarius are generous, idealistic and have a great sense of humor. This sign can also be impatient and promise more than they can deliver. Wear your Rastaclat zodiac bracelet to remind yourself that you have the ability to transform your thoughts into actions and that nothing will stand in the way of achieving your goals. The bracelet comes packaged with a Zodiac box that can also be used for display.

-Hand-braided and assembled for a truly custom and one-of-a-kind experience
-Adjustable closure to fit a variety of shapes, sizes and ages
-Patented barrel for comfort and style
-One size fits most smaller wrists, 4.5” to 6” in wrist circumference
-100% polyester feels soft and comfortable against your skin

1% of net proceeds from all Rastaclat sales are donated to the Seek The Positive Foundation.