A mail carrier may update your tracking information with “return to sender”. This status can occur either through the tracking feature online, or physically by the delivery person.

Return to sender means that the package was undeliverable due to one of the following reasons:

  • The address was incorrect
  • The address was missing information
  • The package could not safely be left at the delivery address
  • The receiving party refused the package upon delivery
  • Two delivery attempts were made with no success

If you want to find out what to do when your package is returned to sender and how this process works, you will need to contact the carrier.

If you would like to return your package to sender because you no longer need or want your package, simply let the delivery carrier know at the time of the delivery. You can ask them to return the package for you, at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can write "Return to Sender" or "Not at this Address" when your package is delivered. Make sure not to deface the original tracking bar code, and do NOT open the package. You must leave your package unopened and give it back to the mail carrier.

If you have any further questions, please visit our Help Center or email SUPPORT@RASTACLAT.COM in the meantime.