Letter From Our Founder

From the CEO of Rastaclat

Sending you a big THANK YOU for all the support in 2022. The world has changed so much in recent years, and we can’t be happier to have a community that continues to come back to our brand. I know you see a lot of new products from us throughout the year, however the underlining purpose of our brand is to spread our message throughout the world. 

For every product sold we consider that an opportunity to change someone’s day or even better their life. We just want you to continue every day and be reminded that your mindset can shape your reality. 

Because of your support in 2022 we’ve been able to give thousands of bracelets to orphaned children in Uganda with the Nyaka Foundation. We’ve continued to support Breast Cancer Prevention with Keep a Breast with donations of over $100,000 over the last few years. We have gotten out and really made a difference by delivering over 500 meals to the unhoused community in Los Angeles with Peanut Butter Sundays and Help Me Help You.

We have also made a young man and quadruple amputee Memphis Lafferty's dream come true with a trip to the Berrics to skate with his favorite skateboarders. All throughout it’s been important to share the Seek the Positive message through the lens of real people with great talents around art with Secret Walls Artists - The Obanoth, L'amour Supreme, Lauren Asta, and Matt Darling

Without your support of our products, we don’t have the resources to do these types of things through our 1% giveback pledge with the Seek The Positive Foundation. I want you to know that every product you’ve ever purchased from us goes to doing good in other people’s lives. Over the past 12 years over 36 million lives have been impacted and over $3 million dollars donated to humans in need. 

With that said we are looking forward to doing more, not only more giving back to the community but also giving back to YOU.

We wish you a great 2023! Keep rocking with us and we promise to keep doing our part in the world and producing great products. We are excited for you to be a part of that journey with us!

Daniel Kasidi 

Founder & CEO