Live arts entertainment brand Secret Walls announces a special partnership with lifestyle accessories brand Rastaclat for the Support Your Local Artist North America Tour (SYLA Tour). The tour kicked off in mid-August in Southern California, bringing Secret Walls’ high-energy physical illustration and design battles to cities across North America, shining a spotlight on local talent as the next generation of superstar artists compete for Secret Walls glory. An exclusive SYLA bracelet by Rastaclat in honor of Secret Walls’ Support Your Local Artist Tour has been available since the tour’s inception. With 15 cities left on the tour, Secret Walls and Rastaclat have furthered their partnership with bespoke merchandise only available through the SYLA Tour, and behind the scenes content of artists and programming. A percentage of net proceeds of the SYLA bracelet will be donated to the Seek The Positive Foundation which will focus on deploying the funds to partners championing equality and mental health through the arts.

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“Secret Walls started in 2006 with a mission to support local artists. Over the years we’ve produced over 2,000 battles in more than 50 countries and have grown to become the world’s premier live paint and pixel battle platform,” says Kevin Collins, CEO of Secret Walls. “We share similar ethos in our support for local creators, local communities, and positive programming. This amazing partnership will bridge Rastaclat’s “Seek the Positive” and Secret Walls’ “Support Your Local Artist” objectives to come together and showcase talent, tell impactful stories and advocate for change.”

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Rastaclat started in 2010 with a mission to inspire the world to Seek the Positive. Over the years Rastaclat has distributed over 10 million bracelets in over 200 countries and has inspired its community to keep a positive mindset daily with its brand ethos. Daniel Kasidi Founder & CEO of Rastaclat expresses “We are excited to partner with Secret Walls and align our brands' message with a core interest of our community around art and self-expression. What is exciting about this partnership is the opportunity to inspire the broader community to utilize art to further inspire others to mind their mental health and personal expression.”

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As part of the partnership, Secret Walls and Rastaclat will host special artist activations, starting at Ace Hotel Toronto on September 24, 2022. This free with RSVP event will feature local participating battle artists Matt Darling, MEDĒIO, Cat Dirty, and Ness Lee on a moderated panel discussing art and community. For more information and to RSVP, please visit Ace Hotel Toronto.

For tickets and more details on Secret Walls’ SYLA Tour, please visit www.secretwalls.world

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About Secret Walls:

Founded in London in 2006, Secret Walls is the world’s premier live arts entertainment brand, where artists take a stage to show off their talent and compete to win. We exist to entertain fans, support local, develop artists and showcase the best creativity on the planet. We operate across the realms of physical and digital art - IRL + URL - and we are always expanding our universe in exciting new ways.

About Rastaclat

Ten years ago, Daniel Kasidi founded Rastaclat as a symbol of positivity. Over that time period, Rastaclat has reached over 228 countries and regions and inspired over 38 million people through their products. Rastaclat prides itself as a symbol of positivity, doing good for yourself and others. It is Rastaclat’s main company belief that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence & unite us as human beings. For more information on Rastaclat, visit www.rastaclat.com and @rastaclat on Instagram

About The Seek the Positive Foundation

The Seek the Positive Foundation is dedicated to impacting humankind through service, charitable grants and awareness to causes focused on equality and personal development. For more information on The Seek the Positive Foundation, visit www.seekthepositive.org and @seekthepositivefoundation on Instagram.