Dive into Cryptoadz

We are happy to announce our first official collaboration & tribute entitled “From The Swamp”. The idea for this tribute collection was born from the overarching ethos of community & good !vibes that Rastaclat & Cryptoadz share.

Cryptoadz trailblazed a new way to build NFT projects by becoming one of the first to release their art & IP into public domain which is better known as a CC0 license. This historical move has inspired countless others to follow suite. This simple yet iconic decision laid greed to rest, put the community first, and is a strong reason why we believe Cryptoadz will eventually go down as one of the most iconic NFT brands in Web3.

Out of respect for who they are and the decisions their creators have made, we want to do our part and utilize the IP to create a unique collection of Rastaclat x Cryptoadz bracelets that honor both Toadz holders and the ultimate vision we all have for Web3.