Secret Walls Artist Spotlight: L’amour Supreme

We’re teaming up with live entertainment arts brand, Secret Walls, for their Support Your Local Artist Tour. This annual event supports up-and-coming creators, their communities, and our favorite part--seeking the positive. Artists from all over get together for these live illustration battles through such disciplines as paint, 2D freestyle and 2D collage. Check out more about the tour here.


Today, we’re shining the spotlight on artist, L’amour Supreme. L’amour is a graphic designer and street artist who work has delved into a variety of mediums in illustration, customized toys, painting, street art and murals. Initially recognized for his street art, L’amour has continually created genre challenging work and has reinterpreted decades of comic books, action figures, and monster movie references twisted into his own lexicon. See him in action below:

Get to know L'amour and see him in action.