Jackie Robinson Day

Today, we honor the baseball legend’s life and accomplishments with a limited-edition bracelet. Designed in the dodger blue hue, the braided design features his number 42 on the barrel and ‘Robinson’ on each of the aglets.

Jackie Robinson joined the MLB on April 15, 1947 and was the first to break the MLB’s color barrier. He was one of the best to play the game and helped the Brooklyn Dodgers win 6 pennants and 1 World Series Title during his 10 years in the MLB. That’s why every year on this day, we celebrate the man who changed the game for the better.

And, he didn’t stop at baseball. Even after he retired, he continued to fight for civil rights and equality. His lasting impact on baseball and the world is still felt today, so we honor his incredible legacy with a bracelet that dons his name and number.

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