Fun Pride Month Gifts That Are Worth Every Penny

Creative Pride Month Gifts That Are Worth Every Penny

While Pride Month may not be a traditional gift-giving occasion, the Pride Month gifts in our round-up may give you a reason to shop.

After all, Pride is a month full of events and parades which celebrate and give visibility to the LGBTQ+ community, and you want to show off your support.

This article offers some ideas on meaningful Pride gifts for friends that they will love. This is not an exhaustive list, but one that is sure to help you plan your shopping trip.

Do You Give Gifts for Pride?

Pride is a beautiful word encompassing all the festivities celebrated each year in June. It is a month dedicated to uplifting the LGBTQ+ community. This is also a time when people celebrate the power of love.

So why wouldn't we want to celebrate the occasion with Pride Month gifts?

When it comes to our LGBTQ+ loved ones, there isn't anything we wouldn't do to go out of our way to support them. We show up at rallies in favor of the right to love whoever they choose. Additionally, observing Pride and the festivities that accompany it in various locations is a fantastic opportunity to show support for the future generation of LGBTQ+ children. Pride is essential for children to have a secure space to express themselves and be accepted by a community. After all, many LGBTQ+ children do not grow up feeling welcomed. Being surrounded by empowering individuals will make you feel ready to embrace your uniqueness.

Many businesses have released limited-edition items to promote organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community in honor of Pride Month in June.

7 Pride Gifts from Brands Supporting LGBTQ Organizations and Causes

Pride Month is upon us!

With the global festival celebrating the LGBTQ+ community comes an avalanche of rainbow products from businesses worldwide. Because so many companies recognize the community and increase awareness, we've put together a list of gifts for Pride Month from brands supporting LGBTQ+ causes. Consider some of these if you want to send something special to your loved ones — or yourself — this month!

1. Spread the Love and Wear Your Pride — Rastaclat Pride Bracelet

Pride shouldn't be confined to a month. It should be celebrated every day. To this end, Pride encapsulates the essence of Rastaclat and who you are as a person. Wear these meaningful wristbands to spread your love and wear your pride.

The LGBT bracelet is the wristwear for you if you feel that everyone has the right to love who they want and be who they are.

When you choose a Rastaclat Pride wristband as one of your LGBT gifts, you express the message that love is love. These wristbands are a terrific way to express your support, whether you're a member of the movement or care about someone who is.

The pride wristbands collection aims to push good messages and positive vibes while bringing people together through love and eliminating negativity. These bracelets express the idea that love conquers all and that hate has no place in this world.

Braided and lace designs are available for these stunning, vivid rainbow pride bracelets.

2. Let Fido Show Their Support — Barkbox Pride-Themed Dog Toys

Are you looking for gifts for LGBT friends that run around on four legs?

Time-sensitive toys and snacks for dogs have been released by BarkBox and Super Chewer in honor of Pride Month! BARK's toy team created this year's Pride toy line with whimsical, rainbow-inspired BARK classics that your dog will enjoy.

The company contributes a percentage of the earnings to One Tail at a Time, an organization that helps homeless trans youth find housing in Chicago. Residents in the flat above the nonprofit's training center will foster animals in need while providing veterinary treatment, food, and equipment to the neighborhood.

3. Grab a New Pair of Kicks — Converse x Pride Collection

Converse has released a limited edition range of rainbow-hued footwear to help you celebrate Pride Month in style. A vibrant reimagining of iconic Chuck Taylor shapes will help you stand out in a crowd. The collection that features rainbow stripes and clashing sequins makes it one of the perfect coming-out gifts. You might also wear a bucket hat or a baseball cap to express your support.

This is a wonderfully designed, diverse selection of shoes and gear, with everything from rainbow Chucks to glittering All-Star high-tops to trans flag designs in pastel pink, blue, and white. Profits are donated to initiatives that support LGBTQ+ kids, such as It Gets Better and OUTMetroWest.

4. Pick Up a Swimsuit You're Comfortable In — Humankind Swimwear

Humankind Swimwear is a swimwear brand meant to represent the best in masculinity, femininity, and healthy self-esteem. The brand is well known for its unique designs and commitment to empowering the LGBTQ+ community.

Haily Marzullo established Humankind Swimwear, a gender-inclusive and LGBTQ-focused swimwear company. Marzullo chose to develop the items that she believed were lacking in the bathing suit market, offering people more alternatives on what to wear to the beach after struggling for years to find swimwear that she felt comfortable in. Humankind Swimwear guarantees that people don't have to wear gender-conforming swimwear that they don't like, broadening everyone's swimwear alternatives.

5. Show Your Support with a Delicious Shake — Shake Shake Pride Shake

Are you scrambling for some Gay Pride gifts? Why not make an easy choice and grab your friend a tasty drink?

Shake Shack celebrates Pride Month by bringing back its Pride Shake, with a portion of sales benefiting The Trevor Project's "Here" campaign as part of its continued commitment to LGBTQ+ in the workplace and communities.

The Pride Shake is made with bright and tasty whipped cream-covered, glitter-bombed, exotic fruit concoction and is available nationwide throughout June. The shake is made with natural, high-quality ingredients and comes in a unique Pride cup with an enlarged burger logo that integrates all the colors representing Pride.

The Trevor Project, the world's foremost LGBTQ+ suicide prevention organization, will receive 5% of purchases in the form of a contribution.

6. Get into the Game — Riot Games Skins and Merch

Riot Games is celebrating Pride by offering Pride-themed LGBTQ gifts throughout June. The best part is that all of the net earnings will go to the It Gets Better Project.

They aim to bring together LGBTQ+ youth worldwide by organizing events and developing material.

This month, you have the chance to snag the Rainbow Fluft Icon and additional Pride-themed icons for League of Legends (LoL), as well as many of their other popular games!

7. Take a Cue from the Mouse — Disney Pride Collection

There are more Pride things in this assortment than colors in the rainbow. This collection includes everything from clothes to accessories to pins to plush and so much more! Even better, The Walt Disney Company is contributing money as part of its ongoing commitment to organizations worldwide that help LGBTQ+ communities in honor of Pride Month 2022 and the company's Pride collection.

GLSEN is donating 10% of earnings from its rainbow collection this month to help establish safer schools for LGBTQ+ children.

Spread Love During Pride with Rastaclat

Pride is a timely reminder of the LGBTQ+ community's struggle to be accepted, the need for their stories to be told, and their voices to be heard. We can take steps to help bridge the divide as a society through love and positivity. Rastaclat’s Pride bracelets promote this. They bring together real people and promote unity in a meaningful way.

The LGBT rainbow bracelet is worn by those who believe in diversity and acceptance. With LGBT pride bracelets, you show solidarity and support a powerful movement. Contact Rastaclat today to join the revolution spreading love and changing the world one wrist at a time.